Apparently Kentucky QB Will Levis Drinks His Coffee with Mayonnaise

by Jonathan Howard

Before QB Will Levis takes the field with his fellow Wildcats against the Florida Gators, he needs to have his coffee. While others like their coffee with cream, sugar, and fluff, Levis takes a different route. Mayonnaise.

That’s right, Levis has moved on from chomping on brown bananas to drinking his coffee with a different dairy product. Perhaps it’s for protein, or maybe he just loves the taste. As long as he can get the Cats to 5-0 with a win over Florida tonight, fans don’t care what he eats or drinks.


I have a very sophisticated pallet. @omgiaaa #fyp #TakeTheDayOffChallenge #BenefitOfBrows

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While it doesn’t look like he took a big swig, we can only imagine how great it tasted. Levis has Cats fans excited with his great arm and passing ability. The transfer from Penn State has turned heads off and on the field. With his team boasting a 4-0 record, it is no wonder why the hype in Lexington is real.

He might have started a trend too. Just to get in the spirit of gameday, others have replicated the QB’s new Starbucks order.

That’s a man who sees an assignment and does it 100% right. Seriously, that takes dedication. I’m not sure I could even stand the smell of Duke’s and Folger’s together, let alone drink it. When your football team only has one win over the Gators in the last 30+ years, you do whatever you can to get ready for game day.

Will Levis, Kentucky Wildcats take on the #10 Florida Gators

It is all going down in Lexington, KY tonight, Kroger Field is host to a showdown. While the Cats are ranked #23 in the Coaches Poll, the AP Poll is not a believer in the Cats as a top-25 squad.

However, if they can manage to take down Florida, the #10 team in the country, they will no doubt find themselves ranked. That is easier said than done. The Cats have played Florida close in recent years, but only have one win to show for it in the last 34 years.

That win in 2018 was impressive but it will take a different approach if Mark Stoops wants to win another over Florida. The Wildcats have been a run dominant team in the last few years, but Will Levis changes that. He can get it done with his legs but relies on his strong arm most of the time.

Florida has only one loss and that was against Alabama. They held the Tide to 31 points and only lost by two. However, they don’t have a great win on the season. They have played Florida Atlantic, South Florida, and Tennessee. Their best win is against the Vols from last week.

Emory Jones is a dangerous two-way QB. He put up 209 yards in the air and added 144 more on the ground against the Volunteers. Drink all the coffee you want Will Levis, add all the mayo, because the Gators are coming to town.