Yes, Kentucky Quarterback Will Levis Still Dumps Mayonnaise into his Morning Coffee

by Dustin Schutte

When Kentucky quarterback Will Levis walks orders a coffee, he’s passing on both the cream and sugar. Instead, he’s walking over to the condiment bar to “enhance” his morning brew.

He’s not reaching for cocoa powder or cinnamon. He’s not adding milk. Instead, the senior leader of the Wildcats is grabbing a bottle of … mayonnaise. It might be the most disgusting addition to a nice, hot cup of coffee in the history of mankind.

At SEC Media Days this week, Levis confirmed that he’s still pouring a healthy amount of mayo in his coffee. And, as you’ll see in the video below, it creates a cement-mixer type of texture. How he consumes it without gagging is maybe more impressive than anything he’s done on the football field.

So many questions.

First, how did Levis stumble upon this combination? It’s not like mayonnaise ever substitutes for cream, sugar or any other addition to a hot coffee. Was this just purely an accident — one that he somehow enjoys?

Personally, I have no idea what this combination tastes like. Maybe he’s struck gold. But I’m never going to find out, because I have no interest in starting my morning with an upset stomach.

Mayonnaise in Coffee isn’t a New Development for Will Levis

Believe it or not, Levis’ passion for mayonnaise in coffee (it’s still hard to believe that’s a real thing) isn’t a new development.

Levis’ love for mayo in coffee surfaced last year. It’s just one of the several odd food habits the quarterback has developed. He also enjoys eating a banana without peeling it.


Despite these odd eating habits, Levis has been successful at Kentucky, helping lead the Wildcats to a 10-win season in 2021. Maybe it’s gross, but if he’s able to win games, maybe he’s onto something.