Kentucky Wildcats: Top Parking Spots in Lexington on Gameday

by Dustin Schutte

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If there’s one thing college football fans dislike about the gameday experience, it’s parking. Trying to find the best spot can be a headache at times, but we’re going to ease that burden for you.

Outsider spoke with the KSR team to gather some insight on how to find the perfect parking spots on gameday. There are plenty of options to go around, from free locations to premier lots across Lexington.

Free Parking

The best things on gameday are free, right? Not all parking in Lexington comes at no expense, but there are plenty of options for those looking to slide into a spot without breaking out cash. Some good options include:

Rose Street Garage

  • Location: 301 Hilltop Ave.
  • Distance to Kroger Field: 0.7 miles (14-minute walk)
  • Price: FREE
  • Website

One of the closer locations when it comes to free parking on Kentucky’s campus. The Rose Street Garage is located within a mile of Kroger Field, making it a great option for fans. Plus, you’ll have the option to walk near some of UK’s athletic facilities on your way to the game.

Kentucky Clinic Garage

  • Location: 140 Huguelet Ave.
  • Distance to Kroger Field: 0.9 miles (18-minute walk)
  • Price: FREE
  • Website

The Kentucky Clinic Garage is slightly further away, close to a mile out from Kroger Field. This area is more centrally located to campus, giving fans the option to traipse through their old stomping grounds.

Press Avenue Garage

  • Location: 721 Press Ave.
  • Distance to Kroger Field: 1.2 miles (24-minute walk)
  • Price: FREE
  • Website

Bring your walking shoes! Actually, at 1.2 miles from the stadium, Press Avenue Garage isn’t a bad option, especially for the free spot. You’ll also be located a little closer to a few restaurants and bars, so you can grab a quick bite or drink before seeing the Wildcats take the field.

Park and Take the Shuttle

Thanks to Lextran’s shuttle service, fans can park somewhere downtown and take a cheap ride right to Kroger Field. It opens up several more options on gameday and allows anyone to enjoy Lexington’s downtown area before and after the game.

If you do take Lextran, the cost is $1 each way, per person. You’ll need to have that exact amount, as drivers won’t waste any time making change.

Here are some of the most convenient parking options if you’re utilizing the shuttle.

Transit Center Garage

  • Location: 150 E. Vine St.
  • Distance to Kroger Field: 2.1 miles (20-25 minutes on shuttle)
  • Shuttle pick-up: Lextran Downtown Transit Center (200 E. Vine St.)
  • Price: $3 (event rates as posted)
  • Website

It’s not free, but for a cheaper cost you can park Transit Center Garage and pay $2 per person to get to and from Kroger Field on gameday. That’s not a bad price tag, considering how expensive parking can be in some areas. Because of gameday traffic, it’s hard to predict exactly how long your shuttle will take to reach the stadium, but it shouldn’t be a terribly long ride.

High Street Lot (Rupp Arena)

  • Location: 520 W. High St.
  • Distance to Kroger Field: 2.5 miles (20-25 minutes on shuttle)
  • Shuttle pick-up: High Street, in front of Rupp Arena
  • Price: Varies
  • Website

This spot can be a little more of a gamble, at least in terms of cost. Prices vary depending on events happening in or around the arena. Still, it’s a great location to park and hop on the shuttle and enjoy a worry-free day of Kentucky football. Well … at least from the parking perspective.


If you’re unable to get into some of the other areas mentioned, LEXPARK has four garages located throughout downtown within 2.5 miles of the stadium. The Transit Center Garage has already been mentioned, but there are three others that might work for you. Keep in mind, if you utilize one of these spots, you’re probably taking a shuttle or using some sort of rideshare service to get to the stadium on gameday.

Victorian Square Garage

  • Location: 350 W. Short St.
  • Distance to Kroger Field: 2.4 miles
  • Price: $3 (event rates as posted)
  • Website

If you’d like to do some exploring, before or after the Wildcats are on the field, Victorian Square Garage is situated between multiple breweries and restaurants. You’re also not far from Rupp Arena, meaning you can still walk over and take the Lextran shuttle.

The Helix Garage

  • Location: 156 E. Main St.
  • Distance to Kroger Field: 2.5 miles
  • Price: $3 (event rates as posted)
  • Website

At Helix Garage, you’re within walking distance to Historic South Hill, as well as Carson’s Food & Drink. At 2.5 miles, it’s one of the furthest parking areas on this list, but with shuttle services and rideshares available, you’re never too far away from Kroger Field.

Courthouse Garage

  • Location: 106 Barr St.
  • Distance to Kroger Field: 2.2 miles
  • Price: $3 (event rates as posted)
  • Website

This spot is slightly closer to Kroger Field, but not enough to make a huge difference. Like the other two locations on this list, you’re in the buzz of downtown Lexington and will probably need a lift to the game.

University of Kentucky Parking Passes

  • Location: Varies
  • Price: Ranges from $192-$3,200
  • Website

If you’re a season-ticket holder, one of the options to consider is a season-long parking pass. These must be purchased through the University of Kentucky, but grants you access to several lots around Kroger Field. We won’t dive into every single lot but provide some of the information for you.

Prices for a parking pass range from approximately $200 to over $3,200. Some require a donation to the “K Fund,” while others only ask you to pay for the cost of the pass.

Parking on gameday in Lexington can be a hassle at times. So, if you’re planning to make the trip into town for every home game, this might help you avoid the headache.

More Things to Know

Every school has its own rules and regulations when it comes to parking, and Kentucky is no different. Here are a few additional things to know before you go to Lexington, via the UK Athletics website:

  • All Kentucky-issues parking permits are done via mobile delivery
  • Lots could be filled according to availability. You may be asked to use a different lot.
  • Tow-behind trailers without a permit are prohibited on paved surfaces around Kroger Field
  • Kroger Field/UK lots open at 8 a.m. on gameday