Kevin Costner and ‘Field of Dreams’ Costar Dwier Brown Pose for Epic Photo for MLB Game: ‘You Wanna Have a Catch’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Field of Dreams father and son were on hand to celebrate the first Major League Baseball game held in an Iowa cornfield.

Dwier Brown, who played John Kinsella, posed with his movie son, Kevin Costner, aka Ray Kinsella, before the start of Thursday game in Dyersville, Iowa.

Brown posted the photo on his Twitter page. He tweeted: Hey Dad? You wanna have a catch? See you tonight at the Field of Dreams game! Thanks MLB for such a wonderful week here.” (Excuse us, there’s something in our eye).

MLB Brought Us Field of Dreams Games 31 Years After Beloved Movie

It took MLB 32 years to finally put on a Field of Dreams game. The Costner movie came out in April 1989. Finally, someone figured out “if you build it, they will come.” It was a sports movie that included flashes of baseball history with a sci-fi, time travel twist. The movie gave us the Kinsellas father-son dynamic, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Moonlight Graham and Terence Mann. And it was so good. The movie proved to be the perfect Costner complement to Bull Durham.

Soon after the movie’s release “If you build it, he will come,” became part of the pop culture vernacular.

Costner played a guy in his mid-30s who was holding on to his failing Iowa farm. His brother-in-law wanted him to sell the farm to save face and avoid foreclosure. Instead, after hearing whispers, he bulldozed the corn and turned it into a baseball diamond. Soon after, the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson and some of his Chicago White Sox teammates showed up to play baseball. Cause, as we’re told, Iowa is heaven.

James Earl Jones Also Contributed to Coverage

James Earl Jones, with his glorious baritone voice, also played a part in Thursday’s Field of Dreams game. The actor who played Terence Mann did some of the voiceovers for Fox Sports.

The current White Sox played host to the New York Yankees in the Field of Dreams game. It was scheduled as a home game for the White Sox. On Friday, the teams will make the trip back to Chicago and play Saturday and Sunday at Guaranteed Rate Field on the Southside of Chicago.

USA Today reported that found that tickets to the Field of Dreams game were the most expensive ever for a regular-season MLB matchup. The Iowa stadium only held 8,000, so it was more like a rocking minor league crowd. The average ticket price on a third-party vendor was $1,413.63. The lowest price just to say you were there was $1,316. The highest cost for a ticket is almost $4,000.

Frank Thomas, a baseball Hall of Famer and Fox Sports analyst, talked up the idea of a Field of Dreams game.

“This is a special moment in time,” Thomas said. “That movie was talked about so much by so many people. For MLB to be creative, to bring the game here at Field of Dreams, is special.”