WATCH: Kevin Durant’s First-Ever TikTok is Both Hilarious and Confusing

by Dustin Schutte

Over the years, Kevin Durant has proven to showcase a pretty strong social media game. The NBA star doesn’t shy away from firing back at the criticism he receives on those platforms, especially Twitter. But Durant’s latest attempt at social media left fans laughing … and slightly confused.

Durant attempted to jump into the world of TikTok this week. Unlike most of the 33-year-old’s jump shots, his first try with the social media platform wasn’t silky-smooth.

In a short, seven-second video he posted, Durant is mostly silent before speaking his one line, “How do I work this s—?”

Apparently, Durant is human, just like the rest of us. He’s a lot better at basketball than everyone reading this story, but when it comes to social media trends and technology updates, he needs a brief lesson. It’s all part of getting older, right?

This was just Durant’s first post on TikTok. He’ll probably get it figured it out and have a strong presence on that platform, just like Twitter.

Where’s Kevin Durant Heading Next?

In terms of social media, clearly Kevin Durant’s next move is TikTok … assuming he gets everything squared away. But what about his future in the NBA?

It seems that Durant is looking for a new team after spending the past three seasons with the Brooklyn Nets. The Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat have been potential contenders to landing the 12-time NBA All-Star. And so is one other team.

The Golden State Warriors.

Ric Bucher of FOX Sports reported earlier this month that Steph Curry has reached out to Durant about a possible reunion in the Bay Area.

“I was in Las Vegas last week for Summer League, and someone from KD’s camp told me that Steph Curry was among the stars around the league who had reached out to KD to find out exactly what he was thinking,” Bucher said on First Things First. “The point being made that Steph was not opposed to KD, in spite of the way things ended, to KD coming back to the Warriors.”

Will Durant make rejoin his old team for a chance at more NBA championships? Or will he try a new destination? Maybe he’ll slip up and let us all know via TikTok.