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Kevin Harvick Wrecks and Eliminates Himself From NASCAR Playoffs, Twitter Sounds Off

by Jon D. B.
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Kevin Harvick has officially eliminated himself from the NASCAR playoffs with – in his own words – “a Hail Mary that didn’t work out.”

Originally, Harvick came into the Xfinity 500 on a high. A large 42-point “safety net” should have been sufficient to shoe him into the Championship 4 at Phoenix. His risky behavior at Martinsville Sunday, however, has cost him everything.

Called a “desperate last-ditch move” by, Harvick made an… odd attempt at victory in his final lap. And it landed him with a flat tire. As a result, he fell back two laps, and completely out of the championship. NASCAR has an official replay of the event on Twitter:

According to Harvick himself, the move was “just a Hail Mary that didn’t work out.”

He goes on to clarify that he’s “been punched in the gut a lot harder.” The racer also says “I’d rather go through the year, win races and do the things we did. Just came up short.”

Fans Sound Off on Kevin Harvick Elimination

Plenty of fans and followers are sounding off in favor or against Kevin Harvick, as well. User Doug Rice says “at the end of the day the lack of performance today from @KevinHarvick cost them a title shot. Painful for a team that dominated the season. I didn’t see this coming.”

Honestly, who did?

Stewart-Haas Racing didn’t see this coming, either. “Not how we thought [his] season would end,” their account states.

Other fans, however, are speaking their minds much more candidly. Austin Konesnski says “Kevin Harvick will not advance to the Championship 4 after winning nine races this season. That’s…. pathetic.”

And it honestly is. How could someone with such a track record this season blow months of wins in a matter of seconds?

Lucas Punkari is comparing Harvick’s fall to legend Jeff Gordon’s 2007 season, in which a similar event ended his chances at becoming champion.

Matt Groseclose says he feels bad that Harvick “won’t be racing for a Championship next week. He should have more than 1 already anyway.”

Again, very true. Following his statement, Groseclose retweets a clip of Harvick speaking on the season.

“These championships aren’t like winning like Petty and Earnhardt used to win them. You have to put them together three weeks at a time.”

Kevin Harvick

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