Khalil Mack Fires Back Over ‘Disrespect,’ Talks Living Up to ‘Chicago Bears History’

by Quentin Blount

Defensive end/linebacker Khalil Mack and his Chicago Bears made it to the playoffs, even if they aren’t the most impressive team in the NFC.

However, the good thing for the Bears is that despite finishing 8-8 after a 5-1 start, they will be playing for more than a final just their record this weekend. But Mack doesn’t care to hear about his team’s past struggles.

“Me personally, I always feel like an underdog. It’s just in me,” Mack said to reporters on Thursday. “I know these guys do as well. It’s a lot of disrespect that we’ve been hearing. Obviously, you’ve got to use all of that to your advantage, not to speak on it so much but to go out and use our actions, and that’s what we’re looking forward to doing.”

After sneaking into the postseason, the No. 7 seeded Bears will now head to New Orleans to face Drew Brees and the No. 2 seeded Saints on Sunday afternoon. The matchup will mark Mack’s second-ever playoff game with the Bears. As a result, the Pro Bowler seems like he is more excited than ever to hit the gridiron.

“It’s win or go home, man,” Mack said. “I can’t wait.”

Khalil Mack Ready to Silence Doubters

It’s likely the disrespect Mack is referring to in his comments is stemming from the media. We aren’t exactly sure what else Mack may or may not have heard.

“Maybe I’m making it up. Maybe I’m not,” Mack said. “You just hear certain things, take offense to it. But in the right ways — use it to your advantage.”

So like many athletes like do to gain motivation, including a pretty famous former Chicago Bull, Mack will be using the negative comments to fuel him.

Meanwhile, Mike Berman of NBC 5 Chicago notes in the press conference with Mack that the Bears defense has not played up to the standards at times this season. He asked Mack what the Bears must do to keep Drew Brees in check on Sunday. Mack and the rest of the Bears’ defense know they are going to need a dominant performance to beat Brees and the Saints.

“It has to be some of the best defense we’ve ever played,” Mack said. “The Chicago Bears’ history, you gotta understand what’s at stake. You gotta play at a high level. You can’t really make any excuses or talk about ifs, ands, or buts. It’s an opportunity, man. Gotta make the most of it.”