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Kirk Herbstreit ‘fired up’ over Pat McAfee joining ESPN

by Chandler Vessels
ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit is excited to bring on Pat McAfee to the network
Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit is excited to bring on Pat McAfee on to the network. It was reported Tuesday that McAfee will take his podcast, The Pat McAfee Show, to ESPN beginning this fall.

Herbstreit and McAfee worked together on ESPN’s College GameDay for football this past season, and that likely played a big role in McAfee’s move. Herbstreit appeared on McAfee’s podcast Wednesday to offer his, where he said he is “fired up” for his colleague and friend.

“Congratulations, Pat, to not just you, but to the whole group,” he began. “I’ve been a big fan of what you guys do and how you do it for a long time. We were lucky enough to have you on GameDay last year and I didn’t notice you change your brand. You were you the entire way through all the way to the end of the season and that’s what you’ll continue to be. Anybody that knows you knows that’s the only way you’ll ever be.

“So congrats, man. I’m fired up. I can’t wait to hear how yesterday went in detail.”

McAfee will also continue to appear on College GameDay and host alternate broadcasts during college football season, the network stated.

McAfee’s current show airs on YouTube, and the new one will as well. Additionally, ESPN announced that the show will be broadcast live on both ESPN and ESPN+. McAfee will reportedly bring close friend A.J. Hawk and the rest of his crew over with him to ESPN.

The details of the deal with ESPN are not yet known. However, McAfee is expected to receive more than eight figures.

Pat McAfee move to ESPN comes after birth of his daughter

McAfee, who is a former All-Pro punter for the Indianapolis Colts, launched his show in 2019. It quickly gained popularity due to its weekly interviews with quarterback Aaron Rodgers during the NFL season.

Pat McAfee’s move to ESPN comes at an important time in his life. His first daughter was born earlier this month. Prior to the birth of his baby girl, McAfee previously spoke about the impact that fatherhood would have on his decision.

“I got a lot going on in my life. I got a baby girl on the way. This past season there was so much stuff off the show that had to be dealt with and handled,” McAfee said.

McAfee elaborated on how he and his team are thankful for the growth and following their show has accumulated. However, it has also come with added responsibilities. This, paired with being a new father adds up, and it could have contributed to McAfee’s decision.

“Every time I’ve fallen in love with the idea that I’m gonna be able to shape a human, to help shape society, hopefully, but to do that you’ve got to be around. You’ve got to be present,” McAfee said. “So in an effort to make my life a lot easier, I’m exploring the options of maybe joining a network or a family or a community that can handle a lot of the things that we’re running into at this stage.”