WATCH: Kirk Herbstreit Has Hilarious Encounter with Mississippi State’s Live Bulldog Mascot

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What’s better than calling a live college football game? How about meeting a bulldog while in the broadcast booth? ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler had the chance to interact with Bully, Mississippi State’s live bulldog mascot.

That encounter wasn’t just great for Herbstreit and Fowler, it proved to be pure entertainment for fans watching Saturday night’s Alabama-Mississippi State game. That’s because, against his better judgment, Herbie tried picking up Bully.

When Bully first appeared in the broadcast booth, Herbstreit was quick to pick up the lovable bulldog. As you can tell in the video, he didn’t quite get a good grip and the larger-than-expected pooch.

Let’s be honest, though, even when Herbstreit got situated, he realized trying to hold Bully was a bad idea. The ESPN analyst’s face turned red, and he had some trouble holding onto the 8-year-old dog.

Even though picking up Bully might’ve been against Herbstreit’s better judgement, it still looked like a fun encounter. It also gave fans something to talk about, other than Alabama’s blowout victory.

Kirk Herbstreit Dealt with Multiple Live Animals Saturday

Interacting with one live animal is a pretty busy day for a college football broadcaster. Kirk Herbstreit actually had encounters with two during Week 8.

Bully made the trip to the broadcast booth Saturday night in Alabama, but that was Herbie’s second interaction of the night. The first game on the College GameDay set, when he sat beside Lee Corso during ESPN’s College GameDay.

As Corso prepared to make his headgear pick ahead of the UCLA-Oregon game, the GameDay crew brought a live duck onto the set. The bird didn’t seem to enjoy his visit too much, eventually escaping and flying away from the stage.

Herbstreit has had an adventurous fall this year. Along with his work on College GameDay and in the college football broadcast booth, he’s also joined Al Michaels for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime.

After this week, maybe he’ll add zoologist to his resumé.