Kirk Herbstreit Pens Emotional Tribute to 9/11, Military Service Members Who ‘Sacrifice and Protect’

by Chris Haney

As the nation pauses today to remember the September 11 attacks, citizens and celebrities alike are honoring those that lost their life on that fateful day. As tributes for the victims of 9/11 pour in, ESPN college football announcer Kirk Herbstreit has also shared an emotional message.

Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that shook the nation and the rest of the world on September 11, 2001. Countless Americans have taken to social media this week to pay their respects. Others have shared their personal experiences of the day and how it’s impacted their life. In addition, first responders, witnesses, and victim’s family members have spoken out in remembrance.

Anyone that’s old enough to remember that tragic day likely has vivid memories of the attacks. It’s the kind of historical day where people know exactly where they were when they heard that the planes flew into the World Trade Center in New York City. Any reminder of 9/11 takes you right back to that horrific moment, and that’s what Kirk Herbstreit shared on Twitter early this morning.

The former Ohio State quarterback said he’ll “never forget” where he was that morning. Like many, he had trouble wrapping his mind around what was transpiring that day, and why terrorists would attack so many innocent lives. Herbstreit went on to thank all the men and women who “sacrifice and protect us” each day in this country.

“I’ll never forget where I was that morning as our minds tried to understand what was happening. Never forget. Love this country!! Thankful for all the men and women who sacrifice and protect us. God bless,” Kirk Herbstreit wrote on Twitter alongside a praying hands emoji.

Kirk Herbstreit and Other College Football Programs Pay Tribute to 9/11 Victims

Kirk Herbstreit isn’t the only one paying respects for 9/11 within college football. The Rutgers University football team will wear special commemorative uniforms later today. When Rutgers takes on Syracuse on Saturday, they’ll wear uniforms specially designed to honor 9/11 victims.

The university felt the full impact of the terrorist attacks when 37 alumni died that day. Rutgers’ uniforms will still incorporate the school’s classic red and silver design. But the helmets will bear the names of the alumni who lost their lives on 9/11.

Additionally, the special uniforms include the words “Never Forget,” which can be found in various places. The team’s football gloves also make up the phrase when the players hold their hands together. Further, an American flag will adorn the back of the Rutgers jersey around the neckline. It’s a fitting and touching tribute for the Rutgers alumni that didn’t survive the 9/11 attacks.

“Never Forget: The Rutgers University football team will be wearing special uniforms honoring the lives lost on 9/11, including the school’s 37 alumni who were killed in the terrorist attacks,” the Instagram post read.