Kyle Busch Slams NASCAR Twitter Account After Third Place Finish at Darlington

by John Jamison

Competitors don’t like losing. And while a third-place finish isn’t exactly losing, it’s not quite winning either. In the aftermath of the Goodyear 400 at Darlington Raceway, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch took issue with a tweet from the NASCAR official Twitter account.

Kyle Busch, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver of the #18 Toyota, started the Goodyear 400 in third and finished in the same spot. A solid result overall, but a NASCAR tweet that included a picture of Busch with his head in his hands following the race seemed to tick the driver off.

“The beginning was better than the end,” the NASCAR account wrote, tagging Kyle Busch and the Darlington Raceway.

In response, Kyle Busch wrote, “U guys r so stupid w your wanna b tag lines. Every week u praise the winner and shame those following.”

His frustration is understandable, and the response isn’t completely out of character. A bit odd, granted. But Busch’s feelings could stem from the fact that he felt like he had a good race, and perhaps he saw the NASCAR tweet as cheapening his performance in some way.

According to, Kyle Busch was feeling pretty good about the performance he and his team delivered.

“Solid day overall with our M&M’S 80th Anniversary Toyota. Definitely better than some of our other 750 package races, but just missing a little bit on the long run. It seemed like we could fire off with [Martin] Truex there and hang with him a little bit. Actually, we would catch him for about five laps, and then it was over. Just trying to hold on after that point. Overall, real good day,” he said.

Not the First Time Kyle Bush has Voiced His Opinion

Part of what makes Kyle Busch so great is his desire to win. In the heat of the moment, competitive nature can take control and lead to some interesting moments. As a result, the talented driver has been known to boil over from time to time.

Back in May of 2020, Kyle Busch didn’t shy away from letting his crew have it following a runner-up finish at the NASCAR Gander Trucks Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

And who could forget the time he came to blows with Joey Logano following the Kobalt 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway back in 2017?