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Kyler Murray to Honor Purple Heart Recipient Grandfather on Week 13 Custom Cleats

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

This Sunday is the NFL’s My Cleats My Cause campaign and Kyler Murray is remembering what his grandfather did for our country.

Murray’s late grandfather was a Purple Heart recipient, and because of that, the Cardinal’s quarterback is choosing to support the Call of Duty Endowment. He made the announcement on Instagram that he’s selecting the organization. The Call of Duty Endowment helps find and place military veterans into high-quality jobs after their service is finished.

The caption reads, “For this year’s @NFL#MyCauseMyCleats I teamed up with @callofdutyendowment in honor of my late grandfather, a veteran and Purple Heart recipient. He’d be proud of the work they’re doing to help veterans find meaningful jobs, just like I’m proud @callofduty has such a great cause behind it! 🙏🏾 #CallOfDuty_Partner

In the video, Kyler Murray and his family are seen in the video that shows the inspiration behind the cleat and the design process. And of course, the second-year quarterback wants to look good while he supports the cause.

The clip starts off with Murray saying, “I got no choice but to ball. I mean… look good, feel good, play good. I’ll definitely be looking good.”

The Shoe Surgeon designed Murray’s cleats. The cleat is a purple Nike show with Murray’s signature logo, K1. The cleat also has Murray’s jersey number.

Murray’s mom in the video talks about her late father, and how much the quarterback reminds her of him. She also says that he would be proud because Murray is humble and has such a work ethic and drive to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Murray’s grandfather was active in the Army and Navy.

Read more about Murray’s selected cause, the Call of Duty Endowment.

Kyler Murray is on the Right Track with Arizona Cardinals

Murray is having a breakout year with the Cardinals. The 23-year-old has thrown for 2,814 yards with 19 touchdown passes and only nine interceptions in 11 games.

During his rookie season, Murray had 20 touchdown passes in 16 games. He’s definitely on the right track of advancing past the statistic.

The Arizona Cardinals are in the hunt for the NFC West division title.

More on the NFL’s My Cleats My Cause

This is the one day a year the NFL allows players to wear want they want on their feet. It’s not so much about wearing what you want, but what sort of message they want to send.

According to the NFL, players are allowed to “reveal their passions beyond the game.” It’s a way of wearing “their hearts on their feet.” Players pick a cause that’s important to them and get to represent their choice on a shoe that’s custom-designed.