Kyrie Irving Reportedly Could Lose Lucrative Shoe Deal with Nike

by Tyler Mansfield

Kyrie Irving has remained under a negative spotlight for quite some time. From his stance on COVID-19 vaccinations, which permitted him from playing in many home games for the Brooklyn Nets, to the overall way he’s carried himself off the court, Irving hasn’t represented himself in the best way as of late.

Because of the choices he’s made and the lack of effort he’s shown in terms of his desire to want to play basketball, Irving is being dealt with a major consequence. According to ESPN, Nike is unlikely to extend its current shoe deal with Irving past the 2022-23 NBA season. Although Irving has a new shoe set to be released this fall, it could be his final with the prestigious sporting goods company.

Irving has been a part of Nike’s brand since 2014, so it’s pretty shocking to see the company making the decision to part ways with him. However, it makes complete sense – simply because Irving has put Nike under a negative spotlight with the way he’s carried himself, both on and off the court. No one told Irving to make the choices he has. It’s simply been all Irving, and that’s exactly why Nike doesn’t want to do any further work with him.

Although a Nike spokesperson told ESPN that “Kyrie remains a Nike athlete,” all signs point to the brand parting ways with the NBA guard at the conclusion of their current contract.

Irving Threw Nike Under the Bus Back in July

While Irving’s attitude has made it seem like he no longer has a genuine passion for playing in the NBA, a comment he made back in July about one of his shoes that Nike was releasing is probably another reason why the company wishes to part ways with him.

As Nike unveiled the new Kyrie 8 shoes, Irving wasn’t a fan of the design – and he publicly shared his view on them by taking to social media and calling them “trash.”

“I have nothing to do with the design or marketing,” Irving said at the time. “Nike plans to release it without my okay.”

Irving has burned plenty of bridges over the past year or so, and it’s coming back to bite him.