Kyrie Irving Speaks Out on Vaccine Stance After First Brooklyn Nets Home Game This Season: ‘Standing for Freedom’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Kyrie Irving is playing in home games for the Brooklyn Nets once again. Indeed, after New York City mayor Eric Adams changed course last week and changed the protocols for the private sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Irving was able to suit up with his teammates again against the Charlotte Hornets at the Barclay’s Center. As you may recall, Irving was allowed to sit courtside at home games for his team, but he was not allowed to actually suit up with his team in the same arena which prompted all sorts of discussion. Now, though, Irving is available for home games again and he spoke out on his vaccine stance this week.

Kyrie Irving Speaks on Vaccine Stance

He told The New York Post, “The point of this season for me was never to just take a stance. It was really to make sure that I’m standing on what I believe in, in freedom.” He continued, “Freedom, I don’t think that’s a word that gets defined enough in our society, about the freedom to make choices with your life without someone telling you what the —- to do and whether that carries over to nuances of our society that politicians control, the government controls, or things people who are in power — the powers that may be.”

He did not want to take a stance. He wanted to just do what he believed was right. The chips then fell where they did. It’s about “freedom” for Kyrie Irving. His point is that folks should be able to make their own choices in life. Also that the concept of personal freedom is not talked about enough in society today.

He continued, “I’m standing for freedom, so that’s in all facets of my life. There’s nobody that’s enslaving me. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do with my life, and that’s just the way I am, and if I get tarnished in terms of my image and people slandering my name continually because those aren’t things that I forget.” His message is clear. Kyrie is about standing up for folks who want to be free to make their own choices. He is good with whatever follows.

Irving concluded that he “definitely read some things that put my family’s name in a position that I believe is unfair” in regards to his vaccination status.

Future of The Nets

The vaccine mandate change could not come at a better time for Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets. Now, the Nets are fighting to even make the NBA Playoffs as they sit at the No. 9 seed where they would be forced to participate in the play-in game just to make the playoffs this spring. Now, with Irving available for home and away games, Kevin Durant has his sidekick back to make a run at things once again this postseason.