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Lamar Jackson Defends Ravens’ Logo Celebration in Win Over Browns

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Andy Lyons/ Getty Images)

There is obviously some bad blood between the Ravens and the Browns, and Lamar Jackson confirmed that after last night’s game. 

Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens beat the Tennessee Titans 20 to 13 to advance themselves to the NFL Divisional Round. After Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson ran out the clock with a knee, he and his team didn’t waste time with handshakes. Baltimore turned and followed their 24-year-old quarterback straight to the locker room. 

“It wasn’t no reason for us to shake hands and stuff like that,” Jackson said. “We’ll be the bigger guy, so we just walked off the field. I feel like we were being the bigger guys. And my favorite run was the kneel. I didn’t really have a favorite run [other] than kneeling at the end.”

Lamar Jackson on the Disrespect

The issues between the teams started last year when the Titans danced on the Ravens logo in the AFC divisional round. Jackson didn’t forget the act as he said it was “disrespectful.” 

“I feel it was just disrespect to see what went on before the game the last time we played those guys, and they were standing on our logo and seeing them get into it with our coach. That was just disrespectful because we treat all of our opponents with respect,” Lamar Jackson said.

The Ravens may not have completely taken the high road, however. After an interception by Raven cornerback Marcus Peters with less than two minutes in the game, Baltimore’s team ran onto the field for a taste of their own medicine. 

The Ravens defense ran to midfield to stomp and dance on the Titans logo. Defensive end Calais Campbell was part of the flash mob and explained what was going at that moment. 

“I was just following my teammates. I had no idea that was happening,” Campbell told the NFL Network. “I didn’t know it was happening until I got there. But at the end of the day, respect is earned. Respect is earned.”

This will be Baltimore’s first playoff win since 2014. Next, they will take on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills on Saturday at 7:15 p.m.

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