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Lamar Jackson Denies Leaving Game to Use Bathroom: ‘Didn’t Pull a Paul Pierce’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson was instrumental in Monday Night Football’s matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. Jackson was his usual dominant self during the game, getting the Ravens a win against their division rival Browns.

The game was hotly contested with the Ravens pulling out a 47-42 win in part due to Jackson’s heroics. The quarterback threw for 162 yards and a touchdown while also contributing to the Ravens’ stellar running game.

Despite his play, the talk of the game was Jackson’s abrupt trip to the locker room in the third quarter. After footage of Jackson’s scamper into the stadium’s tunnel came out, many speculate that number 9 may have went number 2.

In the postgame and on social media, Jackson has vehemently denied he was answering Mother Nature’s call during the games. Instead, Jackson insists he came down with a bad case of cramping, which is known to occur to athletes during games.

After the game, Jackson was asked by reporters what the cause for sudden departure from the game was. The reigning NFL Most Valuable Player says he went to the locker for a quick treatment for cramping issue. He jokingly says he did “not pull a Paul Pierce” during the game.

No, I was cramping,” Jackson says “I didn’t pull no Paul Pierce! I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce!”

After the game, video of Lamar Jackson’s scramble to the locker room emerged. You be the judge on what you think Jackson is up to in the video.

Pierce, a long-time NBA great, once left a game in a wheelchair due to apparent injury. He returned moments later as if nothing happened. He would later admit he left the game to go to the men’s room and the wheelchair was to help him — you know…hold it in.

Lamar Jackson Laughs Off Locker Room Dash

Despite his insistence on not using the restroom during the game, the jokes came pouring in. To his credit, Jackson is taking it in stride and showing a sense of humor about the matter.

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