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Lamar Jackson Hilariously Reacts to Reporter’s Name in Press Conference

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson happens to get the giggles when a reporter’s name is called out at a press conference.

Jackson, who just finished up leading the Ravens past the Tennessee Titans 20-13 on Sunday in an AFC Wild Card game, heard reporter Mike Jones’ name called.

Jones started to ask his question, then Jackson broke out into a smile. It turned into a bit of a giggle, too, and the reporter continued to speak.

Ultimately, Jackson broke out laughing for a few seconds before catching himself.

Take a look at the sequence of events following Jackson’s reaction to Jones’ name.

Many Twitter users reference rapper Mike Jones in explanation for why Jackson laughs at the reporter’s name. Mike Jones rose to fame in the early 2000s.

Lamar Jackson Didn’t Shake Hands With Titans’ Players

Meanwhile, Jackson did not shake hands with Titans’ players after the game. It is usually a customary thing for opposing players to take a minute or two and simply shake their opponents’ hands or give them a fist-bump.

Jackson wanted no part of that action on Sunday.

Instead, he jogged around the field, congratulating his teammates and celebrating. He even gave an interview after winning.

During his postgame interviews, Lamar Jackson was asked why he didn’t shake hands. His response was simple and concise before moving onto the next question.

He says that he sees no reason for him, or any Raven for that matter, to shake the Titans’ hands. Certainly, before Sunday’s game, the topic must have come up in the locker room. Nonetheless, Jackson’s Ravens are moving on to the next round while the Titans’ season is over.

This all dates back to a game in November. Before that game, the Titans ran out onto the field right to the Ravens’ logo. As cameras all over the field were rolling, it looked like the Titans were stomping on that logo.

Not only did Ravens’ players take offense to this, but Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh and his coaching staff did as well. Harbaugh and his fellow coaches ran out onto the field to confront the Titans.

In the ensuing moments, Tennessee Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel and Harbaugh got into it, appearing to yell at each other. The referees actually had to step in and separate the two head coaches to ensure that nothing happened.