Lane Kiffin Tells Fans to ‘Get Your Popcorn’ Ready for Rebel Offense, Loses by 21

by Jonathan Howard

As one of the more expressive coaches out there, Lane Kiffin never shies away from making a bold prediction or two. This time, he might have dug himself in a hole he isn’t going to get out of.

While Kiffin has long been considered one of the next best coaches after the Saban generation, he hasn’t put it all together before. His Ole Miss Rebels are known for their great offense. He has them playing good football and ranked 12th heading into their game with Alabama today.

He might have angered his former boss with his latest comments. “Get your popcorn ready.”

Long story short, the Rebels went down big, early. They didn’t score a single point in the first half of the game. Not great for a supposedly great offense. That is a big problem. Especially after his comments and stare into the camera. I’m sure he didn’t expect to be down by 35 points heading into the fourth quarter.

In garbage time, Ole Miss managed to help coach Lane Kiffin a bit by scoring a touchdown. They had one in the third quarter as well. With his QB Matt Corral barely throwing over 200 yards in the game, it just wasn’t what the Rebels coach had imagined prior to the game.

Alabama’s mascot, Big Al, might have got a shot off on Kiffin with a costume change.

Despite Lane Kiffin claiming to have made notes on how to take down Alabama and Nick Saban while he coached there, he couldn’t get the results on the field. Tough way to lose by 21 points.

Fans React to Lane Kiffin “Popcorn” Comments

This isn’t the first time Lane Kiffin has made headlines for things he has said or done. He famously was hired at Tennessee, USC, and other places, but has also been famously fired. That is the life of a college football coach. Win or get out.

Here are how some fans are reacting to the latest comments from Kiffin.

@ZekePorta on Twitter said, “Lane Kiffin really said ‘Get your popcorn ready’ as Ole Miss is getting throttled by 35 lmaooooooooooo.”

Others just seem tired of Kiffin and his comments. He is one of the more controversial coaches in the college game. Folks love him or hate him, it seems. John O. on Twitter just seems over it all.

“Lane Kiffin told us to get our popcorn for this?” they said.

Then there are others who referenced his USC firing. Kiffin was famously fired from the Trojans position on an airport tarmac. Not a great look.

@JPDaltonAZ said, “Lane Kiffin coached this one like a guy who got fired on a tarmac. #OleMiss” Yeah…he kinda did, didn’t he?

Alabama took this game easily 42-21.