Lane Kiffin Urging Katy Perry to ‘Come Back’ for First Ole Miss Home Game in New Video, Offering Free ‘Corn Dogs’

by Samantha Whidden

Hoping to draw in some much-needed attention and support on Saturday, Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin took to Twitter to seek some support from pop songstress Katy Perry. 

“Need all @OleMissFB fans here Saturday. @katyperry come back. We will pay for corn dogs. #ComeToTheSip,” Lane Kiffin tweeted on Wednesday. He also posted a video encouraging all Ole Miss fans to show up for the team’s game against the Austin Peay Governors on Saturday.

In the video, Lane Kiffin states, “Hey Rebel Nation, great Monday night! Rebs are 1-0. But now it’s time to come home to the Vaught. We need the thing full and rocking.”

Lane Kiffin also encouraged fans to not wait until the SEC games to show up to Vaught Stadium. “We need you there Saturday night. We’re looking forward to the Walk of Champions. Our first together.”

Lane Kiffin goes on to add that everyone needs to see this big-time college atmosphere. “Which is what we want and what we need. High Tide.”

Katy Perry made a special appearance at Ole Miss for ESPN College Gameday in October 2014. The hot dog reference was about the singer holding up a corn dog on national TV. 

Lane Kiffin was previously a coach for Tennessee, Alabama, USC, and Florida Atlantic before heading to Ole Miss in 2020. Kiffin missed Monday night’s game after falling ill.

Lane Kiffin Reflects on His Time At Florida Atlantic

During a recent interview with the Clarion-Ledger, Lane Kiffin opens up about his NCAA football career. His experience with Florida Atlantic really changed the way he coached. Lane Kiffin shared with the media outlet, “Our first season, we won 11 games, won a [conference] championship, won a bowl game. The seniors had never won more Ethan three games in a year.”

Kiffin also stated what really changed him was seeing the players and excitement. “It didn’t matter that there were only 8,000 people at a game or something – when they won. I think that was a big part of it. Kind of the wholesomeness of the game.”

Lane Kiffin then opened up about his time at Tennessee. “It’s not like Iw as at Tennessee going, ‘OK, there are 20 better jobs. And when one opens, I’m going. If you’re at Tennessee, outside of USC, because of how special it was to me. I don’t know where you would go. 

Lane Kiffin Talks 2021 NCAA Football Season

During SEC Media Days earlier this summer, Lane Kiffin shared his thoughts about what he and the team expect in the 2021 football season. “The moment that we have built. We feel it with our fan base and our players. It has been good to have the recurring back open so that kids can come and be around us. I think we have created some momentum here.”

Along with Austin Peay, Ole Miss will be playing against Liberty, Vanderbilt, and Tulane outside the SEC conference.