WATCH: Las Vegas Raiders’ Davante Adams Hilariously Critiques Teammate for Uber Choice

by Patrick Norton

Uber fixed the the cab industry in a very similar fashion to the way Davante Adams fixes the Las Vegas Raiders. Both Uber and Adams provide a much needed breath of fresh air to stale situations.

For Uber, the ride-sharing service allows for an expanded taxi universe without the yellow cabs running a monopoly. For Adams, his presence reinvigorates a lackluster receiving corps, adding superstar power for quarterback Derek Carr.

The Raiders kick off the NFL preseason tonight (August 4) in Canton, Ohio for the 2022 Hall of Fame Game. But before Las Vegas takes on the Jacksonville Jaguars, three notable Raiders seem to be having difficulty navigating unfamiliar territory. Davante Adams captures the scene from the backseat of an Uber with teammates Derek Carr and fellow receiver Hunter Renfrow.

Adams captions the video “[Hunter Renfrow] is no longer in charge of Ubers, y’all.” Why? The incredible video shows 6-foot-1 Adams and the 6-foot-3 Carr crammed into the backseat of what looks like a mid-sized sedan. However, Renfrow takes the most uncomfortable spot: riding shotgun next to the Uber driver.

Uber offers a multitude of options when booking a ride. UberX is the company’s barebones choice, sending a compact vehicle, usually suitable for a passenger or two. The company’s next option – UberXL – offers comfortable seating for up to six guests. If you’re three professional athletes in tremendous physical condition, this is the option for you.

Furthermore, considering Renfrow’s recent $32 million contract extension, one might assume he could splurge on a nicer service. Uber offers Uber Black and Uber Black SUV for more luxury rides. However, the receiver opted for UberX, valuing frugality over comfortability.

Davante Adams Appears Comfortable on The Field

While Adams might seem claustrophobic in the backseat with his quarterback, the pair certainly appear off on the right foot this offseason. After the receiver’s hefty acquisition from the Green Bay Packers in March, many wondered what caused the great divide between the talent and his team. And while Adams’ relationship with Aaron Rodgers couldn’t keep the star in Green Bay, it doesn’t mean there’s animosity. Maybe just awkwardness.

Adams caused ears to perk up when he said, “Any time you change QBs from hall-of-famer to hall-of-famer it’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment.” Comparing the back-to-back NFL MVP to Derek Carr feels like quite the stretch. Rodgers responded in jest, calling the Packers’ current receiving corps HOFers. Later, Adams cleared up his comments, saying, “I didn’t deliver that message the way that I had in my head”