Lawrence Taylor Dubs Tom Brady Greatest QB Ever, Not Joe Montana

by Thad Mitchell

Asked to choose between Tom Brady and Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor didn’t hesitate to reveal who he thinks is the greatest quarterback of all time.

The former National Football League great says Montana is the best quarterback he has played against. But, the best quarterback of all time will appear in his tenth Super Bowl on Sunday night. Taylor, arguably the best defensive player to ever grace an NFL field, says Brady is the “GOAT” when it comes to all time quarterbacks.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Taylor gives his definitive answer on one of the most talked about subjects in sports.

“Well, if you’re asking me who is the greatest quarterback I’ve ever played against, I’m gonna say Joe Montana,” Taylor says. “But history, if ya look at it, there’s been what, 54 Super Bowls and this is like Brady’s 10th. He’s played in 20 percent of all Super Bowls.”

Lawrence Taylor Says Brady’s Records Will Long Stand

Taylor goes on to say he believes Brady’s records will remain in place for a very long time until someone rises up. He thinks that player could Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Brady’s opponent tonight in Super Bowl LV.

“There’s nothing I can say. He is the GOAT,” he says of Brady. “He is one of the greatest players this game has ever seen. I am quite sure, unless Patrick Mahomes tries to break his record, there’s nobody that’s gonna beat that record.”

Brady will be going for his seventh Super Bowl title tonight (Sunday) against Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are looking for their second straight championship after defeating the San Francisco 49ers last year. A win by Brady would give him a record seven Super Bowl titles and bring his championship game record to 7-3. Montana is undefeated in Super Bowl play, having won the game four times. Taylor, a two-time Super Bowl winner and former MVP himself, still gives the edge to Brady.

“You look at what he has done, every year, no matter what he is given, he plays and he makes them a winner,” Taylor says. “He makes them relevant. He’s the Michael Jordan of football.”

Brady will have yet another chance tonight to stake his claim to greatest football player of all time.