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Lawyers for Former Washington Commanders Cheerleaders Demand Removal of ‘Humiliating’ Images

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Congressional Investigation into the Washington Commanders and Dan Snyder is ongoing and former cheerleaders are now involved. Due to explicit images of former cheerleaders being included in a report, attorneys have reached out about getting those photos removed from the record.

Congress has released some rather scathing evidence. The report that was released on December 8 detailed the work environment at the Washington Commanders. That is how the photos of the former cheerleaders ended up in the report.

Attorneys representing more than 40 former Commanders cheerleaders have sent a letter requesting the removal of these images from congressional records. The letter was addressed to the Republican House Committee on Oversight and Reform member James Comer of Kentucky.

The letter detailed how “humiliated” the former cheerleaders were. It also asked that these images be removed from the record, servers, and anywhere else they may exist.

The photos were originally sent from the former GM Bruce Allen to then-coach Jon Gruden via email. This series of emails included other photos. According to reports from staffers, via Daily Mail, the photos have not been and will not be used in the Congressional record.

To put it simply, this Washington Commanders investigation is not revealing anything good for the organization. The longer it goes on, the more comes out. However, the Commanders do have one unlikely supporter.

Jerry Jones Blasts Washington Commanders Investigation

If you ask Jerry Jones, this investigation is nothing but political bias. The Washington Commanders have had a lot of bad press lately. But Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, does not appear ready to pile onto the team. Even if the Cowboys and Commanders are rivals on the field, off the field they are not.

Jones showed support for Snyder and the Commanders.

“My point is there is biasness all the way through. There are stories behind the stories. The facts are that Mr. Snyder’s minority partners really went out a long way to try and make him sell. He ended up buying them out. But a lot of this is that,” Jones said on a Dallas radio show.