LeBron James Fires Back With Two Words for His Outspoken Critics of ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

by Emily Morgan

LeBron James has two words for the critics of his new movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy: “Hi haters.” 

The basketball legend recently responded after the new film has not received much praise from critics after hitting theaters. The new movie is a revamp of the 1996 Space Jam, which saw basketball superstar Michael Jordan team up with the Looney Tunes characters to defeat the Monstars in a basketball game.

At the time of its release, the film grossed over $250 million at the box office. Today it’s known as a beloved movie from the ’90s. 

Now, nearly twenty-five years later, the highly anticipated sequel has hit theaters. In continuing with the basketball theme, James takes the starring role alongside the Looney Tunes.  

Much like the original, James is transported into a virtual ServerVerse and must play a basketball match with the Looney Tunes against the evil Al-G Rhythm’s (Don Cheadle) Goon Squad. 

Additionally, James must play in the game if he wants to get his son back. The new take on the classic kid’s movie is also different from the original by incorporating various Warner Bros. properties due to the characters trapped in a different universe.

Unfortunately for James, the film has received few slam-dunk reviews from critics. Critics have been less than impressed with Space Jam 2, with some dubbing it a “WB marketing executive’s wet dream.” 

‘Space Jam’ Gets Poor Reviews From Critics Despite Dominating at the Box Office

Also, the initial box office predictions had the film falling short to Black Widow at the box office. However, the film is now reportedly set to have a $32 million opening, which means it will beat Marvel’s Black Widow.

Although it’s received mostly negative reviews, the sequel still managed to perform well at the box office as it has won over moviegoers with an A- CinemaScore. Of course, James was excited about his film’s box office success and shared the news on Twitter. However, he also took it as a moment to call out the haters. 

The Michael Jordan version was not prominent among the critics either. However, James’ take on the film seems to be winning over audiences, with the proof in the box office sales. 

Moreso, it will be interesting to see how long the film’s progress in sales lasts at the box office. If the film becomes a hit, James will undoubtedly be in good standing if he wants to pursue acting. 

Additionally, the film’s director, Malcolm D. Lee, may get the opportunity to make a Space Jame 3 with Dwayne Johnson, like he previously mentioned in an interview. Although it is unclear how Space Jam: A New Legacy will turn out, yet James appears to remain unphased by the haters at the moment.