LeBron James Appears To Shave His Head, Go Completely Bald

by Sean Griffin

LeBron James’ new hairdo made the online world go crazy.

On Tuesday, the Lakers star posted a photo to his Instagram story that sent social media wild. The photo showed him sporting a completely bald head.

James, who turns 38 this December, smiles while wearing a barber cape. Nick “Slick” Castellanos, James’ personal barber, stands off to the side.

The four-time NBA champion added a grandpa emoji to the post. He also added crying-laughing emojis over the selfie snap, showing that he’s happily accepting his age.

“Watch out league! Here comes Bald Bron,” ESPN Los Angeles posted on Twitter.

Although James appears to have shaved his head, some people on social media aren’t buying it. Some on Twitter have also questioned if the snap was photoshopped or edited somehow.

Former NBA guard Evan Turner couldn’t believe the news about James going bald.

“Ain’t no way LeBron went bald,” Turner tweeted Tuesday. “Is this true?”

James’ receding hairline has been the butt of jokes for years.

Plenty of fans reacted to Turner’s tweet, responding with different takes and theories on James’ Instagram post.

Fans React to LeBron James’ Apparent Choice to Go Bald

“Gotta be the Snapchat filter…” one person wrote.

“We will see him with braids before we see him bald,” another user joked.

“How can it be. There were no signs,” another person said sarcastically.

Another fan agreed, writing: “You can’t ignore that bald spot forever!” One fan said he lost it “long ago” and has just now “decided to cut the rest of it off.”

Other fans aren’t buying the picture, arguing that it’s definitely some sort of filter. “Looks like a filter cause it’s a little blurred where his hair would be,” one person writes.

In August 2020, James poked fun at his then-balding head. He compared his hairline to a partial Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

At the time, James took to his Instagram story, sharing two photos: the back of his head and a Reese’s cup with the center missing.

Last season, “Inside the NBA” co-host Charles Barkley joked that James was “wearing the biggest headband in the world to cover up that bald spot.”

James continues staying busy, as his offseason status reflects his stardom off of the court. Last week, the NBA legend and his family were featured in Vanity Fair.

James and his wife Savannah posed for their first-ever family portraits with their three kids: sons Bronny, 17, Bryce, 15, and daughter Zhuri, 7. James’ mother Gloria is included in the photos. Savannah’s parents, Jennifer and JK, are also included in the pictures.