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LeBron James Blasts Youth Football Coach Who Smacked Kid in Viral Video

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James is sounding off on a viral video of a coach hitting a player.

The video shows a youth football player walking to the sideline at the end of a play. The young player, in full pads, is struck in the head area by a team coach before continuing to the sideline. The coach then walks up to and smacks another player in the head, causing him to fall to the ground.

The video has gone viral, attracting millions of views for the unwarranted attacks and coaching conduct. The video is quite disturbing.

The video is horrendous as it shows the children on the receiving in of their coaches physical wrath. It isn’t know what may have prompted the adult to act in such a manner but its certainly never appropriate to physically harm a child.

LeBron James Joins Others in Slamming Coach

Numerous celebrities, public figures, and athletes have voiced disgust and outrage at the coaches’ actions toward his team. James says if the young football player was his child, he would have taken action against the coach.

“If I was there and it’s not even my kid we gone have more than words for sure,” LeBron James says.

The incident reportedly took place in Kissimmee, Florida, at the American Youth Football National Championships. TMZ Sport reports the child struck by the coach is only 9-years-old.

The man received much social media backlash with some calling for his job and others insisting that he face jail time for assault. The coach later put out an apology video on social media asking for forgiveness from his players and their families.

“At the end of the day, I am a man,” the coach says with emotion. “I’m not going to make no excuses for what I did.”

At the moment, it is unknown if the coach will receive any punishment.