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LeBron James is ‘By Far’ the Most Trolled Athlete in the World According to New Study

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

It’s tough to be the king. A new survey found the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James is the most “trolled” athlete in the world.

That’s according to Pickswise, which witnessed more than 500,000 abusive tweets sent to current and former players. James received the brunt of the hate, finishing with 122,000 hateful tweets. That’s nearly four times as many hate messages on social media than Marcus Rashford, a Manchester United soccer player, who finished second.

“Messages containing words, phrases, and hashtags that were known abusive terms were logged against each player and the respective sport they play/played in,” the study says. They cataloged the incidents from June 2020 until June 2021. The words, phrases, and hashtags researchers looked for were not disclosed.

Tom Brady came in third, Kevin Durant was fourth, and NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was fifth. You can see the full list here. There is also a separate list of LGBT slurs sent to players, as well. James also led in this category as well.

Pickswise said they wanted “to showcase what elite athletes now have to live with, the team at Pickswise have analyzed every single tweet sent to elite athletes in the sports of Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and Ice Hockey over the past 12 months.”

Why LeBron James was singled out is unclear. But over the past year, James has become increasingly political, raising awareness against police violence and voting rights.

James has not responded publicly to the report.

Is LeBron James Or Tom Brady The GOAT?

Tom Brady appeared on LeBron James’ show The Shop to talk about who is the greatest of all time. James has said in the past that no football player should have the title because they don’t play both sides of the ball.

“My only argument with a football player being the greatest athlete of all time is that they only gotta play one side of the floor, man,” James told CBS Sports in 2017. “Yes, Brady is unbelievable. Brady is the greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen, but he affects the game one way.”

James also said Patriots coach Bill Belichick led the Patriots to their championships. But Brady became the oldest Super Bowl-winning quarterback ever last season in Tampa Bay without Belichick, which nullifies a lot of that argument.

But Brady said his limitations are actually what make him a better candidate. He’s had to learn to work within them to win.

“I can really just be the best with the body that I was given,” Brady said. “There’s certain things that I certainly cannot do. And I have the awareness to realize, ‘OK, I can’t do those things.’ You can’t do everyone else’s job. I can’t block, tackle, run, catch — sure as hell can’t run — but I can throw the s— out of the ball. So, let me just do that. And let me do that really well.”