LeBron James Defends Kyrie Irving, Says His Punishment Was Excessive

by Jonathan Howard
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

In case you didn’t know, Kyrie Irving has the NBA in a whirlwind and LeBron James spoke out on Thursday and defended his former Cavaliers teammate. Irving was suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for sharing a link to a film containing anti-Semitic beliefs. Since then, it has been a very awkward standoff between Irving and the Nets.

However, the time has come and LeBron James has chimed in. On Thursday, the Lakers star took to Twitter to share his thoughts with the world.

“I told you guys that I don’t believe in sharing hurtful information. And I’ll continue to be that way but Kyrie apologized and he should be able to play. That’s what I think. It’s that simple. Help him learn- but he should be playing. What he’s asked to do to get back on the floor I think is excessive [in my opinion]. He’s not the person that’s being portrayed of him. Anyways back to my rehab session.”

LeBron James referenced the punishments that Irving has had to endure. The Nets organization put out a checklist of steps that the point guard needed to go through in order to return to action with the team.

That included: apologizing and condemning the film he shared, a $500,000 donation to anti-hate groups, sensitivity training (specifically one on anti-Semitism), meeting with members of the Anti-Defamation League, and meeting with owner Joe Tsai to show he understands the lessons learned.

LeBron James Isn’t the Only One Defending Kyrie

While LeBron James might be the biggest star to support Kyrie Irving through this, he isn’t the only one. Just days before LeBron sent out his tweets, Antonio Brown was on the app and showing his support for the Brooklyn Nets guard.

The always wild and unpredictable AB changed his profile picture to a headshot of Irving. It wasn’t really in words like LeBron’s message, but it was clear that Brown wanted to show how he felt about the situation.

While LeBron James thinks that the punishment is too much, the Nets organization clearly wanted to make this a point so it doesn’t happen again. Irving apparently met with Joe Tsai and had a good meeting. So, he could return to the court sooner rather than later.