LeBron James Praises Tom Brady After Seventh Title Win at Super Bowl LV

by Will Shepard

Tom Brady is a Super Bowl champion for the seventh time in his illustrious career. Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriot fans are celebrating right now, but they aren’t the only ones recognizing his greatness. LeBron James is also noting how incredible Brady is.

Taking to Twitter right as the game was ending, LeBron James shares a simple tweet. He and Tom Brady have been growing a friendship over the years.

The two are connecting on their greatest of all time statuses, and more importantly, making sure that people know just how good they are. Lebron James and Tom Brady have been battling in their respective sports and are still absolutely dominating.

LeBron James Congratulates Tom Brady on His Seventh Super Bowl Win

Seven championship rings are the greatest accomplishment by any athlete ever. LeBron James has always been compared to Michael Jordan, but now another person is taking Michael Jordan head-on.

In ten tries, Tom Brady has seven championships. The only thing that will give Michael Jordan a chance at retaining his “GOAT” status is that he never lost a championship. But, on all other counts, LeBron James and most people in the sports world will back Brady.

There were always conversations that Lebron James and Tom Brady were playing easy competition. Critics said that the teams in their divisions meant that their success had to have an asterisk on it. But, both of these incredible athletes decided to go to the hardest divisions to prove their doubters wrong.

Both Lebron James and Tom Brady went to these impossible divisions and won it all. There will always be doubters and critics, but Brady will go down as the greatest athlete to ever grace a sports arena.

So, congratulations are certainly in order for the GOAT, Tom Brady, on his seventh Vince Lombardi trophy. Hopefully, he plays until he is 85 and collects Super Bowls like they are McDonald’s happy meal toys.