LeBron James Responds to Ohio State’s Narrow Win Over Indiana, References Urban Meyer

by Charles Craighill

All eyes were on Ohio State and Indiana today with a tight game threatening to go into overtime. Including NBA superstar and Ohio native, LeBron James. Ohio State was on upset alert with Indiana threatening to tie it up driving the field late in the game. Ultimately, Ohio State walked away with a 42-35 victory as Indiana couldn’t realize the unlikely comeback.

One pair of eyes on the game belonged to the Lakers’ star LeBron James. As the game ended, James sent out a string of Tweets congratulating both teams on the effort.

“IU got a great team,” LeBron praised. “QB got amazing touch, playmakers on the outside, defensive 4 is tough! They’re going to be scary good very soon! Look out! Salute.”

LeBron’s point certainly had merit. Today marked Indiana’s first loss of the season against a very tough opponent in Ohio State. Ranked third in the country, Ohio State has Heisman challenger Justin Fields under center. This certainly gives them an advantage over most teams. In fact, today marked the first game in which Fields threw an incompletion in the first quarter.

That first incompletion happened to be an interception. Indiana went on to pick off Justin Fields two more times before the game ended. That matches the number of interceptions he has had over the course of his entire college career. That definitely bodes well for Indiana’s defense, as Fields is not one to turn the ball over.

LeBron James Ohio Fan for Life

LeBron James is a huge football fan and has not left any doubt on where his allegiances lie. Despite leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 and again in 2018, LeBron continues to support his home state. Although LeBron never attended college, he has claimed Ohio State as his honorary alma mater. He even teased the idea of enrolling at Ohio State to try his hand at football. He has certainly been a fan his whole life and proved it yet again today.