LeBron James Sounds Off After Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dominate Early on NFL Saturday

by Will Shepard

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are dominating the Detroit Lions in the early game on Saturday. Tom Brady is playing like he is 25 years old again, and the Buccaneers are rolling.

The first drive of the game set the tone for the day. After just six plays, Brady threw a 33-yard pass to Rob Gronkowski for the touchdown. Three and a half minutes into the game, it was already 6-0 Buccaneers. The kicker hit the field goal.

An idyllic start to the day. There aren’t too many things that say football like a Brady touchdown pass to Gronkowski. Moreover, the sports world and celebrities alike know that is true as well.

In particular, Lebron James is watching the Buccaneers game closely. And after the first score of the game, he tweeted out his thoughts on the touchdown.

However, the Buccaneers certainly aren’t done yet. After the score, and the Lebron tweet, four minutes later, Brady threw a 27-yard pass to wide receiver, Mike Evans, to make it 13-0.

After the four-play scoring drive, James tweeted out his praise for the Mike Evans touchdown grab. Mike Evans’ speed created some wide-open space for the easy score. James says excitedly, “Yessir, my guy @MikeEvans13_ !”

The Lions cannot seem to get anything going against the Buccaneers. Consequently, just over three minutes into the second quarter, an easy run up the middle for Leonard Fournette pads the lead.

About seven minutes later, the Buccaneers scored again. Brady threw a ball to the outside shoulder of Chris Godwin, who makes a spectacular catch to make it 27-0.

But the Buccaneers keep piling the points on. Before halftime, Brady threw a bomb to another wide receiver, Antonio Brown, for a 66-yard touchdown to make it 34-0.

Lebron James, still in awe of the high flying offense being run by Brady, shared his thoughts on Twitter again. He says, “My GOODNESS that throw to AB was sick!” And he even adds a goat emoji to cap the tweet off.

So, as the Lions take halftime to figure out what is going on, stay tuned to James’ Twitter for some inevitable reactions from the NBA legend.