LeBron James Speaks Out About Tom Hanks’ Wife Nearly ‘Being Trampled’ by Paparazzi

by Jonathan Howard

A wild video came out of paparazzi following Tom Hanks as his wife Rita Wilson gets pushed around. LeBron James has spoken out. The Los Angeles Laker and future Hall of Famer usually chimes in here and there on social media. Seeing that video of Hanks and Wilson apparently caught his interest. Sports and entertainment collide.

Being a celebrity, LeBron probably understands that paparazzi can be a hassle many times. There are folks just doing their jobs, but others have no regard for other people. The Tom Hanks video proves that and then some.

Here’s LeBron James’ take on all this. What do you think, Outsiders?

Hanks kept himself from getting physical with the folks taking pictures, but could anyone blame him if he had? It’s one of those situations where he could have done just about anything and people would see the justification in it.

In case you haven’t seen the video check it out below.

When America’s dad tells you to “Back the f**k off!” maybe you should think about what you’ve done. It’s not something anyone thinks will happen to them, but one moment you’re trying to snap a photo of Hanks, and the next moment he’s yelling at you like a misbehaving child.

LeBron James seems to have the right take on all of this. What are people thinking? There weren’t even that many people walking around. So, what’s the reason for the rush? Another thing, those security guys need to get in there and clear the way a bit better, to be honest.

What can we do to get Tom Hanks on “The Shop” with LeBron?

LeBron James Billionaire Baller, Future TV Analyst?

This month has been a pretty big deal for LeBron James. He officially became a billionaire to start off June. The very first active player to reach that wealth status, King James has been building his fortune since he was 18. As the NBA’s star and basketball’s best player for almost 20 years, it’s been more than just hoops.

Of course, there is Space Jam 2 when you talk about extracurricular activities away from the sport. However, that isn’t the only thing that James has in mind for his future. When he hangs up his sneakers for good, what is the next move? Well, it looks like this GOAT wants to take a page from another GOAT.

If LeBron James makes the move to TV after basketball, he’s gonna be eying a deal like Tom Brady’s Fox Sports contract. Almost $40 million a year, to put a number on it. Everyone loves the NBA on TNT crew, but is there a future where LeBron can find himself behind a desk? His knowledge of the game, talent and more make him a clear choice to join a broadcast crew one day. But, where will that be?