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LeBron James Taking on ‘Biggest Project,’ Announces New Massive ‘Gathering Space’ in Akron

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Angelo Merendino/Corbis via Getty Images)

On behalf of his organization, The LeBron James Family Foundation, James announces “the biggest project we’ll take on yet.”

Today, James announces the foundation’s latest plans, House Three Thirty. A groundbreaking space for not only the foundation’s members but the entire city of Akron, Ohio. House Three Thirty will contain a financial health space, sports complex, dining, retail, and event space.

Since starting the LeBron James Family Foundation in 2004, James and the team have had a significant impact on Akron’s community. However, James says that he always knows he can do more. “The work is never done. In fact, it’s just the beginning,” James says during a promotional video for House Three Thirty.

“It’s the biggest project we’ll take on yet,” says a representative in the video. “It’s our next step in redefining community.”

The team is revamping The Tangier, previously one of the largest grossing restaurants and event centers in the country. They chose the location because it is central to the city and can be accessed by everyone in the community.

“It’s more than a house and community resource. It’s a game-changer for all who enter,” says James.

LeBron James Is ‘Redefining Community’

Since its launch, The LeBron James Family Foundation has offered support to the Akron community in a variety of ways including giving $280,000 worth of Samsung tablets to third-graders in 2013. After the donation, James said he was inspired to do more. “I had a notion, maybe we should start a school,” said James.

James said that, initially, people were doubtful that the organization could pull off such a large undertaking. “And people, besides those who were inside our bubble, didn’t believe we could accomplish that,” said James.

But James and his foundation preserved and opened the I Promise School in 2018. The school offers free tuition, uniforms, bicycles and helmets, breakfast, lunch and snacks, and transportation within two miles of the school. Additionally, the school offers students’ parents GED opportunities and job placement services.

During the promotional video for House Three Thirty, a representative says that it’s the support of partners and community members that allows the organization to make such an impact. “We can do this because we have good partners that believe in us and want to be on this journey. And they know that we’re never done,” she said.