LeBron James’ ‘The Shop’ Hosting Alternate Broadcast for Packers, Titans Thursday Night Football Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Get ready for tonight, Thursday Night Football fans. LeBron James and The Shop will have an NFL simulcast during Titans and Packers. That’s right, the NBA star and his roundtable talk show will be bringing some extra commentary if you would like to tune in.

The ManningCast made these kinds of things popular. Now, Amazon is taking a page out of ESPN’s book with its own simulcast. If you have LeBron James, then you have star power. But will NFL fans actually tune in? That remains to be seen.

Aaron Rodgers will try to get another win for his Green Bay Packers team. There is still time to turn this season around if they so choose. Meanwhile, for the Tennessee Titans, there is a lot of time to ruin this season. Playing at Green Bay won’t be easy, but a win would make it all worth it.

LeBron James Joins Thursday Night Football Coverage

While all of that action is going on, LeBron James and his group of guests will provide commentary. Like you’re just hanging out and talking sports at the barbershop. Guests include Paul Rivera, Jamie Foxx, Jalen Ramsey, Rob Lowe, Dez Bryant, and Maverick Carter.

So, LeBron is going to bring another way to watch the game to your home. Right on your TV, you can choose the alternative simulcast. Of course, Amazon has poured a ton of money into its Thursday Night Football coverage. While some of that has been successful, there has been a lot for fans to complain about.

As the NBA superstar joins the party on Amazon, NFL fans can keep up with it the traditional way with Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit on the call. It might be worth tuning into The Shop to see how things are going in this one.

Not long ago, LeBron James was talking about his football loyalties. While the Ohio native has long been a Browns fan, he took up the Cowboys as his main team for many years. However, that all changed not too long ago, and now, it is all Cleveland.

So, Outsiders, are you excited to hear some football talk from basketball’s greatest player?