LOOK: LeBron James, Wife Savannah Honor Their Three Children with New Tattoos

by Bryan Fyalkowski

NBA superstar LeBron James and his wife, Savannah, both got tattoos with the initials “B.B.Z.” yesterday. The new ink signifies the initials of their children: Bronny, Bryce and Zhuri.

LeBron posted an Instagram story of their two hands with the tattoos, which are on the outside of their right wrists. Savannah’s just has a small “BBZ”, while LeBron’s is a bit bigger and has a black crown with white accents above the “B.B.Z.” letters.

Savannah re-posted the Instagram story and added the caption: “BBZ over everything!” with ❤️❤️❤️ emojis.

The Long-Lasting Relationship of LeBron and Savannah James

LeBron and Savannah James are high school sweethearts. They were officially married on September 14, 2013. Bronny is 17 years old, while Bryce is 15 and Zhuri is seven.

In an interview with Cleveland Magazine in 2018, Savannah talked about how the two have a very strong and healthy relationship.

“He is truly a king to his queen, if you will,” she said at the time. “He treats me with so much respect. It’s hard to not love him, with the way that he is with me and the kids and his mom and just everyone who’s around him. He’s a really, really humble guy for everything that he has and everything that he’s done.”

Although the family has grown together in immeasurable fame, Savannah says they try to stay true to their roots.

“We are just normal people from Northeast Ohio,” she explained. “You can look at it as a very good thing, because maybe we don’t understand what we could be. And I feel like that’s definitely rubbed off on our kids.”

Bronny and Bryce are currently playing together for the California Basketball Club. They are in Europe right now and LeBron was going nuts watching them on television from back in Los Angeles.

LeBron and Savannah got their tattoos just a few hours later.