Lee Corso First Debuted His Iconic Headgear Picks Today, 25 Years Ago

by Leanne Stahulak

For many college football fans, College GameDay host Lee Corso is a legendary part of the pre-game show. But even more legendary are the famous headgear pieces he wears to announce his picks for different games.

Twenty-five years ago today, on October 5, 1996, Corso donned headgear for the first time to announce his pick. College GameDay posted a clip of the hilarious event earlier today, showing Corso putting on the Ohio Buckeyes’ mascot head.

What made him decide to do that? Apparently, fellow co-host Kirk Herbsitreit’s wife “had connections within the cheer squad and was able to get the headgear” for Lee Corso to don during the pre-game show. College GameDay researcher Chris Fallica shared this tidbit of information during an interview with ESPN that tracked Corso’s history of headgear.

“I’ll never forget sitting there, and I’m looking over at him, it’s the craziest thing,” Kirk Herbstreit said in ESPN’s video. “To see Brutus’s head on Lee Corso with a tie on, in a suit. It just clicked, it was like, ‘That works.'”

In the rest of the video, we see Corso put on at least 36 different outfits or headgear pieces for 36 different college teams. At the end of the video, ESPN says Corso’s worn headgear 299 times in 70 different cities. But the video came out four years ago in 2017, so now, his numbers must be even higher.

And Lee Corso didn’t just wear the headgear. He tried to interact with the crowds, and bring in live animals representing the mascots when it applied. From actual alligators to goats to chickens to dogs, Corso had all of them on the College GameDay desk at one point or another.

See his numerous headgear for yourself in the video below.

College Gameday Host Lee Corso Continues to Use Headgear to This Day — But for Which Teams?

Every week this season, College GameDay host Lee Corso has pulled out a piece of headgear to announce his pick. Starting with the Georgia vs. Clemson game, Corso pulled out the Georgia Dawgs headgear to rile up fans at the game.

He pulled out the Dawgs head once again this past weekend for his pick in the Georgia vs. Arkansas game. Unsurprisingly, Georgia whomped both teams, making Corso’s picks solid. Corso also chose the Notre Dame Fighting Irish over the Wisconsin Badgers, wearing a bright green leprechaun hat. His pick also won for that game.

Corso yanked off his suit jacket to reveal a white shirt underneath for the Penn State white-out game against Auburn last month. He put on the Lions’ headgear, and they beat Auburn soundly. Finally, on Sept. 11, Corso put on the Iowa Hawkeyes headgear for his pick in the University of Iowa vs. Iowa State game. Once again, he proved right.