Lee Corso Returning to ‘College GameDay’ For Montana-Montana State

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

After missing out on College GameDay again, Lee Corso will not be denied another week. The legend will be in Bozeman, Montana on Saturday. College football just isn’t the same without Corso. When you consider the fact that the GameDay crew is going to Montana of all places, he has to be there.

Lee Corso is getting older and that means that he’s had to take some breaks for illness this season. Hey, who doesn’t need a sick day every now and again? But seeing the news that Corso is back and will be there to deliver his picks, that’s gotta make fans feel good inside.

It really is hard to imagine College GameDay going another week without him. Chris Fowler broke the news and let the college football world know that their favorite commentator is back this weekend.

I’m not sure what the coldest edition of College GameDay is, but Bozeman is seriously going to challenge that record. By the time the game kicks off, it could feel like a zero-degree day. The good thing is that the weather is warming up compared to Friday. The temperature tonight is going to be in the single digits.

In fact, by the time the crew gets out there, Lee Corso and company will be braving sub-10-degree temperatures.

Montana State is hosting Montana for a battle of Big Sky Country. The Bobcats are 9-1 and hope to take down the 7-3 Grizzlies. Honestly, could you have two better mascots for the state of Montana than those?

Lee Corso Missed Three Weeks Straight

Starting with Halloween weekend at Jackson State, Lee Corso has been on the mend for about three weeks. He had a health scare earlier in the season as well. So, College GameDay went to Jackson, they went to the Tennessee-Georgia game and missed last week’s matchup between Texas and TCU.

If Fowler is right and Corso is back this week, that’s great news. College football fans want him there. The players that play the GameDay game want him there, it’s just better with Corso.

With Coach back for this freezing cold game in Bozeman, surely we will have some great moments to share with you Outsiders. Just give Lee Corso a big grizzly bear suit and let him do his thing.