Lee Corso Spikes Alabama Helmet as Texas Longhorns Fans Go Wild on ‘College GameDay’: WATCH

by Chris Haney

On Saturday morning, ESPN’s College GameDay pre-game show rolled into Austin ahead of the huge Alabama Crimson Tide and Texas Longhorns matchup. As always, analyst Lee Corso got the home crowd hype before kick-off as he chose a helmet. Let’s just say the home crowd liked his choice this morning.

Corso got the crowd fired up alongside the rest of the College GameDay crew in Austin today. The usual suspects were in tow, including Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard, and Rece Davis. However, the guys also have a brand new addition to the pre-game show. Former NFL punter turned sports analyst and WWE commentator Pat McAfee is joining the College GameDay panel on Saturday mornings as of this week.

With plenty of excitement in Austin today for the big game, Lee Corso took things up a notch. The 87-year-old broke out his patented routine of showing off both teams’ helmets to the crowd. Of course, Texas fans went wild whenever he lifted up the white helmet with a burnt orange longhorn logo on it. And in contrast, when Corso lifted up Alabama’s crimson and white helmet, boos rained down from the crowd.

The analyst eventually slammed the Bama helmet to the ground, which pleased the crowd to no end. Then, Corso grabbed the Longhorns helmet once again and kissed it for all to see. The College GameDay crowd in Austin, Texas ate it up. Corso has been pulling this helmet move for years, and as his colleague Kirk Herbstreit said in a tweet, it “NEVER gets old.”

‘College GameDay’ Welcomes Pat McAfee to the ESPN Pre-Game Show

On Wednesday, ESPN announced the big news that former punter turned analyst Pat McAfee would be joining the College GameDay crew. The newest member of the pre-game show panel will also make other appearances across the four-letter sports network’s programs.

As mentioned, McAfee made his debut appearance on College GameDay this morning in Austin, Texas. As college football’s premier pre-game show, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel with his addition. Instead, he’ll look to add a different element to the show with his energetic and often comedic takes on football.

According to an ESPN press release, McAfee will contribute to postseason college football coverage as well. The punter who used to play for the Indianapolis Colts alongside Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning will also be on six alternate telecasts of college football games in partnership with Manning’s Omaha Productions. ESPN shared that McAfee will occasionally appear on Get Up and will be involved with the network’s Super Bowl coverage.

College GameDay is one of those shows that is universally beloved,” McAfee said in the release. “It’s an institution. It’s a Saturday tradition for everybody. From truck drivers to suits and all the folks in between, GameDay is a staple of all of our fall routines. Getting the opportunity to join full time is an absolute honor. I understand the weight that the show holds in the sports universe and I will try my best to somehow add to it.”