Lee Corso’s Ability to Toy With Crowds Is Unmatched And on Full Display at ‘College GameDay’ in Happy Valley

by Leanne Stahulak

“College GameDay” host Lee Corso riles up college football crowds like no other. Earlier this morning, his antics at the Auburn vs. Penn State game made the fans go wild in Happy Valley.

Happy Valley is the home of Penn State, in State College, Pennsylvania. The No. 10 school faces off against No. 22 Auburn tonight, at 7:30 p.m. EST. Even though the game takes place later today, college football fans were up early this morning to welcome the College GameDay crew to Old Main Lawn.

The show shared a snippet of excited fans on Twitter this morning. And who else would be the one riling them up than fan-favorite host Lee Corso?

In the clip, fellow host Kirk Herbstreit hands Corso a Penn State helmet, which Corso holds up in front of the crowd. Their yells echo through the space until Corso turns around and grabs an Auburn helmet from Herbstreit. When he holds that helmet up, the Penn State fans’ cheers quickly turn to boos.

The “College GameDay” host switches off between the two helmets for a few seconds before throwing the Auburn helmet to the ground with a thud. He holds the Penn State helmet high after slapping a kiss on it. Guess we know who Corso’s pick is for the game.

“The crowd in Happy Valley is UP this morning,” the ESPN show captioned the tweet with the Corso video. But we all know there’s nowhere else college football fans would rather be.

The College GameDay host also got lots of love from fans on Twitter. One user named PB commented on the video, “Coach (Corso) is the GOAT at working the crowd…. Hope he doesn’t have to pay for that Auburn helmet.” Oof, yeah, that’s a bill I wouldn’t want to pay.

‘College GameDay’ Host Lee Corso Fakes Out Fans

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen “College GameDay” host Lee Corso connect with college football fans. Two weeks ago, during opening weekend, Corso pulled a hilarious fast one on fans while announcing his pick for the Clemson vs. Georgia game.

“Clemson has won six straight ACC games,” Corso starts out saying. “Clemson has won four of them in Charlotte. And Clemson has made six straight playoffs. Having said all these things, my pick is easy. Clemson.”

But Corso quickly cuts in, “Not so fast my friend. Year of the Dawg!!” He pulls a Georgia Dawg mascot head out of nowhere and plops it on his head. Fans go wild, with the Clemson diehards booing Corso’s fake-out.

Check out the video in the tweet below, especially Corso’s hilarious princess wave. One of the hosts says, “He did the fake me out!” Herbstreit adds, “And they feel for it!” while pointing at the Clemson fans.