Liberty Cheerleader Might Have Made the Catch of the Day

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

When you are at a live sporting event, you can find yourself in the right place at the right time. Like this Liberty cheerleader did today. While it has been a Saturday of great football games, this might be the best catch of the entire day.

As the UMASS quarterback threw a pass for the endzone, it was a little too much. The ball soared over the receiver. Really, it’s a good thing that the ball ended up out of bounds. Three defenders were surrounding the offensive player. Almost like he has done it dozens of times before, the cheerleader on the sideline reached out and snagged the ball right in his megaphone.

The best part of the clip is the fact that the crowd popped when the catch was made. It wasn’t quite the sound of a touchdown, but it got a first down level of reception from the crowd. There aren’t many moments people get to do something like this. If this goes the wrong way, the video is being shared for different reasons. For this cheerleader, he won’t have to worry about being a meme for the wrong reasons, though. Just excellent form and reaction to the catch.

On the field, things were pretty exciting, but only for one team. Liberty came in with a 6-2 record, already bowl eligible. Their opponent UMass is having an opposite kind of season. They entered the game 1-6. Let’s just say that this highlight from the Liberty cheerleader is one of many for the Flames.

Liberty Dominates UMass Minutemen 62-17

This game was one-sided all the way through. In the first quarter alone, Liberty put up 21 points. They followed that up with a 20 point second quarter. When halftime came around, UMass found themselves down 41-3. However, they didn’t give up.

While this game was doomed from the start for the Minutemen, they didn’t roll over and quit. In the second half, they came out and got in the endzone a couple of times. Unfortunately for them, the Flames kept getting in the endzone as well.

By the time it was over, the Liberty Flames put up 62 points while they gave up 17 points to UMass. They accumulated over 600 yards of offense including 409 yards through the air. The offense averaged 9.6 yards per play, almost a first down each snap. And, they did it in just 23:25, UMass had the ball for over 36 minutes. This was not pretty and the better team won running away.