Lincoln Riley Leaves Behind Meat Smokers, Recovery Effort Ensue

by Thad Mitchell

Lincoln Riley sent shockwaves through the world of college football with a shocking departure and a move to Southern California.

Hoping to avoid negative blowback from Oklahoma supporters, Lincoln Riley also made a quick, overnight getaway. He scampered so quickly out the door that he left several things behind at his Norman, Oklahoma home. Two of those left behind items are restaurant quality meat smokers that do not belong to Lincoln Riley. Now, an expansive, and hilarious, recovery effort is underway.

The smokers actually belong to Tulsa, Oklahoma restaurant owner and Sooner supporter Travis Davidson. Lincoln Riley often called upon Davidson’s culinary skills for various recruiting events. Riley was known to host football recruits at his home where he would grill steaks for the young men. After getting involved with the program and becoming Sooner Booster, Travis Davidson began handling the grilling duties. He would come to Lincoln Riley’s home and bring his meat smokers along with him to whip up some Tomahawk steaks for the recruits.

Eventually, Davidson grew weary of lugging his equipment to Lincoln Riley’s home, which was a good-sized drive. His plan was to leave two of the smokers at Riley’s place in Norman so they would be ready to go when called upon.

It was a good plan — until Lincoln Riley skipped town and left the meat smokers behind. Now, Davidson has launched a recovery effort to reclaim his smokers.

Lincoln Riley Heads to Los Angeles Without Meat Smokers

The smokers did not go back to Davidson, which is a rather rude move by Lincoln Riley.

Davidson took to social media to vent about the situation and seek help in recovering his meat smokers.

He ventured to Norman, where he also went to Lincoln Riley’s house in an attempt to get his smokers back. He was rebuff by a listing agent who would not allow him in the house.

“Smokergate” has a happy ending though. A deal was made to give Davidson his smokers back — which is all he really wanted in the first place.

After achieving a great deal of success as the head football coach at the University of Oklahoma, Lincoln Riley is leaving the Sooners. He is heading to sunny California where he is now the head coach at the University of Southern California. The move also caught many by surprise as Lincoln Riley gave no indication that he was unhappy as the coach of the Sooners. He will now head up the USC Trojans, one of the most storied programs in NCAA football history. He’s signing a massive contract that will make him one of the highest-paid coaches in all of college football. Riley has been the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners since stepping into the role in 2017 upon the retirement of former head coach Bob Stoops.