Lions’ RB Jamaal Williams Does One Too Many Hip Thrusts, Gets Flagged in Real-Life ‘Key and Peele’ Sketch

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

NFL Week 3 is currently underway. Divisional foes the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings had a hard-fought contest with the Vikes coming out on top 28-24. However, in the third quarter, Lions’ running back Jamaal Williams earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for his dancing touchdown celebration.

The celebration seemed to be inspired by “Hingle McCringleberry,” a skit from the popular comedy sketch show Key & Peele.

After scoring on a 12-yard scamper, the 27-year-old running back spun his hips in a similar fashion to Keegan Michael-Key’s famous character, Hingle McCringleberry. In the famous skit, McCringleberry earns an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after celebrating with one too many pelvic thrusts. In the skit, the referee allows for two pelvic thrusts, but on the third, he throws the flag.

This referee may have actually been a fan of the show, judging by his reaction to Williams’ celebration.

While Williams doesn’t completely mimic the famous McCringleberry dance, he does a similar move, holding his hands above his head and spinning his hips multiple times. Other Lions players gathered around and celebrated with him, but as Williams trotted to the sideline, it became clear the refs deemed the gyrating a bit too much.

Fans React to Jamaal Williams’ ‘Hingle McCringleberry’ Touchdown Dance

Fans quickly reacted to the hilarious touchdown celebration on Twitter.

“DON’T DO EM LIKE THAT JAMAAL LOL,” one account wrote.

Another account simply responded with a gif from the Hingle McCringleberry skit, where Jordan Peele’s referee character carefully inspects McCringleberry’s thrusting before calling a penalty.

“Lmao so happy someone posted this!” one user replied. “I was thinking the same thing!” another person agreed.

One user also referenced the skit, writing “That’s more than three pumps.”


Some people took issue with the seemingly double standard in the preferred treatment some players receive versus others.

“Literally rodgers does the discount double check with his hips and nobody cares,” one user commented, referencing Aaron Rodgers’ State Farm-inspired touchdown celebration.

“Jamaal does it better than Rodgers ever could,” another person commented.

One Lions fan seemed not to care about the penalty yardage the celebration cost the team. “We’re taking that flag all day,” they wrote.

Another commenter wrote about Jamaal’s fantasy football performance: “Picked him up this week. Strut, big cat.”

Key & Peele, the show which produced “Hingle McCringleberry” won two Primetime Emmy Awards and has been nominated for numerous other awards. These include the Writers Guild AwardNAACP Image Award and 16 additional Primetime Emmy Awards in various categories.

Comedy Central’s official YouTube channel for the show currently has over 4 million subscribers and 1.80 billion views, as of September 2022.