WATCH: Little League World Series Batter Shows Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship, Comforts Shaken-Up Pitcher

by Bryan Fyalkowski

There was an inspiring display of sportsmanship today in a matchup between Texas East and Oklahoma in a Little League World Series qualifying game.

In the bottom of the first inning and the score already 3-2, Texas East pitcher Kaiden Shelton hit Oklahoma batter Isaiah Jarvis in the head with an 0-2 curveball. Thankfully, the helmet took the brunt of the pitch. And Jarvis was able to stay in the game without suffering an injury.

Upon reaching first base, he saw that Shelton was visibly rattled. He called time and approached the mound to console him. Jarvis went up and hugged a crying Shelton while a Texas East coach was walking out for a visit.

The coach was mic’d up, so when he got there, the broadcast picked up Jarvis saying: “Hey, you’re doing just great. Keep throwing strikes. Let’s go” to Shelton before walking back to first base.

The hit by pitch was a total accident, so Jarvis was not upset. Still, the fact that Shelton hit another player in the head understandably shook him up. What a truly great display of sportsmanship here; a true connection between these two young men.

Oklahoma ended up taking a 4-3 lead by the end of the inning. But Texas East shut them out the rest of the way and pulled out a 9-4 win to advance to Williamsport for the Little League World Series.

Although Jarvis’ squad got eliminated, his kind actions show that he has a bright future in front of him – on and off the field. Maybe we will see him in the MLB someday.

Dave Portnoy Has Odd Take on Little League World Series Moment

Of course, Barstool Sports‘ Dave Portnoy did not agree that this was a cool moment between two Little League World Series hopefuls. He thought it was “dumb.”

“This isn’t sportsman ship (sic). It’s dumb,” he spewed. “Trip to Williamsport on the line. You can play pattycakes after.”

What an odd take by a weird individual. This is why we all try to ignore all the disturbing stuff Portnoy says and does – as much as we can.