WATCH: Little League World Series Player Accuses ESPN of Fixing Games During Hilarious ‘Hot Mic’ Moment

by Dustin Schutte

Nice try, ESPN, but you’re not going to pull a fast one on these young baseball stars. The kids at the Little League World Series have caught on to your plot to create more interesting games strictly to appease your audience and put a few extra dollar bills in your pocket.

OK, perhaps ESPN isn’t actually masterminding some scheme to make games more dramatic during the Little League World Series, but a few kids playing for Iowa won’t be convinced otherwise. One of the funniest “hot mic” moments in sports captured an irritated youngster venting his frustrations during a mound visit.

In a game over the weekend, Iowa owned a 6-3 lead over Washington in the sixth inning. With two outs and a full count, Iowa’s pitcher hurled what he believe to be a game-ending strike across the plate. The umpire ruled the pitch a ball, sending the batter to first base on a walk.

Iowa’s coach then walked out to the mound in an attempt to calm his players. That’s when a hot mic picked up the pitcher claiming ESPN was the culprit behind the bad call.

“It’s for ESPN so they can come back. That’s because ESPN likes it, it’s all ESPN,” he said.

ESPN’s alleged attempt to create drama in the Little League World Series wouldn’t stand in Iowa’s way. The team defeated Washington shortly after the controversial walk.

Nice try, though, ESPN!

More From the Little League World Series

The Little League World Series provided us all with a laugh over the weekend. It served as a reminder of what it was like to be young, right?

But earlier this summer, we also saw some heart-warming moments on the diamond. One instance that comes to mind immediately was Isaiah Jarvis’ (Oklahoma) making a mound visit following a scary situation.

Jarvis took a fastball to the helmet off the hand of Texas East pitcher Kaiden Shelton. It was a hold-your-breath type of moment, but Jarvis stood up and made his way to first base. Shelton, however, was visibly shaken after the throw.

That’s when Jarvis left first base to visit Shelton and tell him everything was just fine.

Those are the kind of moments we love to see in sports — especially at the youth level.