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LIV Golf Files for Trademarks, Gets Blocked by Miami Nightclub

by Dustin Schutte
greg norman liv
(Photo by Luke Walker/WME IMG/WME IMG via Getty Images)

You can’t spell “LIV Golf” without a couple of “Ls.” The Saudi-backed league took another loss recently, as its attempt to register its trademarks was blocked by a Miami-based nightclub.

Attorney Josh Gerben tweeted that the owner of the Miami nightclub, LIV, filed a “court action to oppose LIV Golf’s trademark applications.”

Gerben explained the concerns in a follow-up tweet. He says that the nightclub opposed the trademark for three primary reasons:

  • visual similarities
  • phonetic and aural similarities
  • similar goods and services

Both the nightclub and golf league use LIV as a Roman Numeral representation. The Miami-based club uses it as an allusion to Studio 54, and because the building was built in 1954. It represents the number of holes played in a tournament for LIV Golf.

While CEO Greg Norman and many of the league’s top players have been hoping to have a successful launch, LIV Golf has essentially been a worm-burner. Thus far, golf fans have shown little interest.

LIV Golf Under Investigation for Killing Cactus

LIV Golf’s trademark issues become the league’s second big loss of the month. Earlier in March, LIV became subject of an investigation for cutting down a cactus in Arizona.

Video shows a landscaping crew taking a chainsaw to multiple Saguaro cacti in Tucson. That’s a big problem in Arizona, where that particular cactus is protected. They can live 150 to 175 years.

Heather Flowers assistant director of Arizona Department of Agriculture’s Strategic Initiatives and Policy spoke with the Arizona Republic about the incident.

“The AZDA did not identify records of a permit or notice of intent for The Gallery Golf Club to cut down the two Saguaros, and we are currently conducting an investigation related to this action,” she said.

LIV could face a $5,000 fine for the incident.