CHECK IT OUT: LIV Golf’s Greg Norman Trolls PGA Tour Commissioner with Hilarious Meme

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Commissioner Jay Monahan recently announced upcoming changes to the structure of the PGA Tour in an effort to compete with LIV Golf. He sent out a memo this week informing PGA Tour members of the changes, which will mostly take effect beginning in the upcoming 2022-23 season. And Greg Norman saw them.

LIV Golf’s chief executive got a kick out of Monahan’s proposals. Mostly because he believes the changes are eerily similar to why LIV Golf has appealed to players who have chosen to defect from the PGA Tour.

Norman expressed that belief in a “creative” way on Instagram, posting a meme with him and Monahan side-by-side. His caption read: “A day late and a dollar short.”

After the PGA Tour memo was leaked, Norman’s crew sent a statement to Golfweek: “LIV Golf is clearly the best thing that’s ever happened to help the careers of professional golfers.”

Greg Norman Unafraid of Confrontation with Golf Adversaries

Throughout the entire LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour battle, Greg Norman has stood his ground. Whether he started the beef or not, he has been in a lot of back-and-forths over the past few months.

At LIV Golf’s inaugural invitational event in London, Norman had “a couple of neckless security dudes” remove reporter Alan Shipnuck from Phil Mickelson’s press conference.

Shipnuck then texted Norman to explain what had happened. He replied: “Did not hear. Thanks for letting me know.” But that turned out to be a lie. Norman appeared in the background of the video, watching with a shark’s eye.

In addition, Rory McIlroy took a jab at Greg Norman after winning the PGA Tour’s RBC Canadian Open in June. Meanwhile, old-timer Fred Couples accused him of being behind the lawsuits directed back at Monahan from the guys who defected to LIV Golf.

“I have a funny feeling I know where it’s coming from. It’s coming from their leader, who no one has liked for 25 years,” Couples said at the time. “And that’s not being mean, that’s just — that’s the truth. He’s not a friend of mine, but he never would be because we don’t get along. But he’s running a tour that he thinks is incredible.”