Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather: Showtime Has Issues Streaming PPV and People are Furious

by Evan Reier

Ooh boy. Showtime stepped up to the plate to stream the highly-anticipated Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight and ran into issues out the gate.

June 6 marks a huge card for Showtime, as the brand not only offered Mayweather and Paul, but Chad Johnson boxing as well as other legitimate competitors. However, some eager fans weren’t able to watch the majority of the first two hours.

Showtime acknowledged the issues via an announcement over Twitter.

“IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are aware of an issue impacting tonight’s PPV event,” the channel’s support wrote. “As well as the SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME Anytime apps. Updates will be posted here, so please refresh your browser to view the latest update.”

Not a great look, especially when they are charging $50 a pop for the ability to watch the fights. Of course, there were a flurry of fans upset on Twitter after issues began to arise.

Angry Fans Light Up Showtime Over Streaming Issues

There are literally tens of thousands of tweets coming out at the time of writing, but here’s a selection that shows the general atmosphere. It’s not positive, we can say that much.

One viewer, @CuzzoVin, called out the brand for their message seen above.

“Funny how you guys tell me to check MY CONNECTION, cmon showtime, im missing everything.”

@Big_Blue_Empire gave a look at what it looks like for viewers suffering streaming issues.

As one could guess, a lot of the tweets got vulgar. Hey, it’s $50, so we have a hard time blaming folks like @AnthonyB23_.

“Getting my refund from Amazon f–k you @showtime yall are garbage af”

Many fans are asking for refunds after missing much of the PPV. If you’ve only seen literal minutes worth like @bDY3R has, that only makes sense.

“@Showtime your app is junk. I’ve seen a total of 2 minutes of this ppv. #refund” the user wrote.

Besides asking for refunds, much of the crowd is just trying to get a chance to watch the PPV. When the rights holder isn’t able to provide, fans will start asking for illegal streaming options.

“Where the streams at since I just wasted money and showtime wanna rob folks #MayweatherPaul” wrote @DariusDaunteG.

And to cap off some of the fury, @gwuomp delivers some strong words to the brand.

“@[email protected] It is outrageous what you have done. $50 for a VIRTUAL spot to JUST STREAM A BOXING MATCH. If you are going to charge that much, fix your servers.”