Logan Paul Wants Rematch With Floyd Mayweather: ‘Promise I’ll Knock Him Out’

by Quentin Blount

YouTube star-turned boxer Logan Paul believes that he would knock out Floyd Mayweather if given a second chance.

Back in early June, Paul and Mayweather squared off in the ring for the first time. The high-profile exhibition bout was unofficially scored in favor of Mayweather. But for the most part, the fight itself wasn’t really that exciting. The laters rounds were mostly marked by both boxers clenching and even the fans were booing at the end. And many of those fans who paid for the pay-per-view were extremely critical of the match on social media.

However, Logan Paul says that if Mayweather agrees to a rematch, this time he will end it in a dramatic fashion.

“Let me ask you what you would rather see, Jake Paul versus Floyd, or me versus Floyd again?” Logan told TMZ Sports. “Because, let me tell you something, if I fight Floyd again, I promise I’ll knock him out. Promise.”

It’s hard to say just how serious Logan Paul is about knocking out Floyd Mayweather. Or if it’s just more promotional rhetoric to land another huge payday. Either way, another eight-round fight would likely end in a similar fashion. That’s why Logan Paul says they need to rematch, but this time, it will be a 10 or 12-round fight.

“I got it figured out. I got it. End of the 8th round, he’s breathing heavy, I’m coming alive. It’s gonna be a 10-12 round fight. We run it back, and this time I finish him.”

Will Logan Paul Versus Floyd Mayweather 2 Happen?

We don’t know just yet if there will be another exhibition match between the two boxers. Logan Paul seems to already be starting the trash talk so that if a rematch does come to fruition, fans will be excited to tune in. But in the end, he doesn’t think it will actually happen.

“I don’t think it’s gonna happen. This is all just hypothetical bulls***.”

Before ending the interview, Logan Paul did have a final message for Floyd Mayweather.

“Hey Floyd, loved the opportunity, would love to run it back sometime. If you’re feeling up for it champ.”

Meanwhile, you might have heard of Logan Paul’s younger brother, Jake Paul. He’s a popular social media personality as well. He is set to fight against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley on August 29 in Cleveland. Woodley recently said that he has been training with Mayweather.

“He showed me stuff, not specifically to beat Jake, but to be a world-class boxer,” Woodley explained. “In MMA sometimes we waste energy. But everything I do will hurt Jake. My feints will hurt him.”

In typical fashion, Jake Paul quickly fired back.

“How is Mayweather going to teach you to beat me when he couldn’t even finish my brother?”