Longtime Professional Golfer Tiger Woods Officially Reaches Billionaire Status

by Tyler Mansfield

Tiger Woods has been – and still is – one of the biggest names in sports. There’s no debating that statement. One of the best professional golfers to ever play on the PGA Tour, Woods has made a big name for himself with so much success. He’s won numerous championships, landed big-time endorsement deals and has even had video games named after him. Because of all of that, he’s officially a billionaire.

According to a story from Forbes, Tiger Woods has reached billionaire status. It’s honestly kind of surprising that he’s just now getting to this point, but it has officially happened. By becoming a billionaire, he joins just two other athletes that have reached the mark – Michael Jordan and LeBron James. LeBron recently became a billionaire, as was shared by Forbes earlier this month.

Over his 27-year career, Woods has earned an estimated $1.7 billion in salary, endorsements and other income, according to Forbes. While he has made plenty of money on the golf course, only 10% of his total earnings have come from playing the game itself. That’s right – 90% of Tiger’s total income has generated from off-the-course deals.

While Woods has been a Nike athlete for many years, he has also had endorsements with many other brands. 2K Sports, Bridgestone, Full Swing, Gatorade, Monster, Rolex and TaylorMade are just some of them. Additionally, Woods is also a known company creator and has established many successful businesses – as he owns golf courses, mini golf courses, restaurants and even a foundation.

Wow. Tiger has done it all – and that’s why he’s now a billionaire.

Woods’ Success Speaks for Itself

Tiger Woods has been dominant ever since he first started playing golf. Looking specifically at his time as a PGA star, Woods has recorded 82 wins on the PGA Tour. Among those 82 wins, he has captured 15 majors. With all of that success, he’s cashed in $120 million in on-course earnings.

Although he has dealt with multiple injuries and some hard times in his personal life over the years, Tiger is still one of the best athletes of all time. Now 46, Woods is still playing on the PGA Tour as much as his body lets him – and tons of people are still showing up to see him in action.

Woods has announced that he will not compete in the upcoming U.S. Open, but plans on playing in July at the Pro-Am in Ireland and The Open Championship.