LOOK: Bills Fans Think They Can See the Team Logo on the Weather Radar

by Suzanne Halliburton
Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A bunch of home-bound Buffalo Bills fans might have been hallucinating as they concentrated on radar and all those bands of snow rolling in and looking like the team logo. How else do you explain Bills fans believing the radar images looked like the logo? We see big blobs of storms. They see a blue buffalo with a red stripe. Crazy, right?

But we ask, does Mother Nature really create massive snow storms so that they can look like the Bills logo on radar? We’ll start looking skyward for evidence of Cowboys and Titans. Of course, this all started with a tweet. Colin McCarthy, a young weather enthusiast, tweeted an animated weather model run showing the possibility of a mass snow event. It turned out to be historic.

Then a self-identified member of the Bills mafia shared the tweet, adding “Does anyone else see the Bills logo??”

And yes, other people really did see it. In fact, many Bills fans began posting their own logo radar images in what turned into a big, social media NFL weather meme party. Guess that’s what you do when six feet of snow blankets Buffalo.

Finally, the fun-loving Buffalo Bills social media team got in on the weather radar act. The account, with the pithy caption “brb going outside to shovel,” posted this image:

And on Sunday morning, snow still was blanketing parts of Western New York, although the heaviest storms were to the south of Buffalo. However, Buffalo no longer is under a lake-effect snow warning. But there still is all that blowing snow.

Meanwhile, the Bills fans can flip on their favorite team playing Cleveland today. But the snow did chase away the Bills from their home game at Highmark Stadium. Instead of Orchard Park, the Bills will be playing host to the Browns indoors at Ford Field in Detroit.

Maybe the snow will blow the Bills out of their recent funk. The mighty Bills have dropped two straight games. Buffalo blew a late lead last week to Minnesota and lost in overtime. Josh Allen, the star quarterback, has stumbled. He’s thrown four interceptions in the losing streak. Plus, he mishandled a snap in the end zone last Sunday, which allowed the Vikings a cheap score.

“A lot of different experiences we’re learning that I haven’t been in, in my entire career,” Allen told Kyle Brandt’s Basement Podcast. “We’re not going to let this end us.”

Now that it’s game day, there probably won’t be fans seeing the Bills logo on their weather radar apps. Just football.