LOOK: Kirk Herbstreit Sports ‘Yellowstone’ Gear on ‘College GameDay,’ Fans Sound off

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

Nobody can deny that after watching “Yellowstone” every Sunday night, there’s a sudden urge to question your career choice and contemplate becoming a Cowboy. Well, when in Montana, giddy-up? That would appear to be Kirk Herbstreit’s philosophy on the set of ESPN‘s “College GameDay” Saturday in Bozeman.

Herbstreit’s attire has almost upstaged the return of Lee Corso and there are valid reasons for it. Herbstreit looks as if he paid a visit to the set of “Yellowstone” before getting into college football mode.

That, or he’s on the hunt to solve a mystery…

“Kirk Herbstreit is ready to crack the case of the missing 4th CFB Playoff team,” Wes Blankenship of Outsider/On3 tweeted.

With Herbstreit trending on Twitter for the fit, “College GameDay” decided to dedicate an entire segment to showcasing the best tweets/memes. And it was glorious.

“Kirk Herbstreit looks like he’s the lead role in a High School Theater production of Indiana Jones,” a fan wrote.

Another fan pegged Herbstreit as an investigator looking to prove that Bigfoot is real. Hard to disagree there.

“Kirk Herbstreit looks like he’s about to prove to you that Bigfoot is more than just a myth in a six-part History series from the producers of The Curse of Oak Island,” the fan tweeted.

Kirk Herbstreit Welcomes Lee Corso Back to ‘College GameDay’

Herbstreit and his trending attire have taken centerstage on the day where beloved figure Lee Corso made his return to “College GameDay.” Corso has been absent for three consecutive weeks tending to a health issue. Though it might be 3 degrees below zero, nothing was stopping Corso from making his return.

“I feel good,” Corso told Herbstreit in a video. “I’m good, and looking forward to the show. … I appreciate all the feelings everybody gave me. It was hard for me.”